Sportsing at Miller Park in Milwaukee

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You read the title right, yet again I was sportsing.  My summer has been full of new experiences, but the amount of times I’ve found myself participating in or spectating sports-ball matches is the most surprising.  In case you couldn’t tell, I know exactly 0 about sports.  I learned literally all I know about baseball from Meatloaf songs. Yet mere weeks apart I sustained a baseball related injury and witnessed, in person, a real life Milwaukee Brewers game.  I even stayed for the whole thing!

Sportsing at a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game

I also learned snapchat! (mags_onthemove)

This is for those of you, like me, who are not experienced sportsers or who, also like me, kind of hate sports, but find your self in social situations where the only acceptable course of action is to power through and not be a baby about it.  Don’t panic.  It’s not that bad.  Here’s what you can expect.

Tailgating for the Brewer's game with some local Milwaukee beer


I’ll admit that I was not totally green on this finer point of sportsing.  When it comes to parking lot drinking, this was not my first rodeo (I’ve been to a few dry weddings), but before now, I had never made it inside the stadium.  This is obviously the best part of the game, and especially in Milwaukee; plenty of cheese, sausage, and enough beer to forget you’re at a sporting event!

Peanut butter burger at Miller Park in Milwaukee

The infamous Peanut Butter Burger from AJ Bombers

The Food

That’s right.  After all of that tailgating, you get into the park and have more food.  Really extraordinary, super American foods too.  Kind of like being at a state fair.  I tried the highly recommended Peanut Butter Burger from AJ Bombers.  It was just okay, but I mainly did it for the experience.

Milwaukee Brewers Game


This is the most upsetting part of going to a baseball game, but the great news is, it’s also the least plentiful.  I’d say the break down of the baseball game experience was about 25% tailgating, 10% food, 3% baseball, and 1000% weird shit.

Some of the various ethnicities of sausage at Miller Park in Milwaukee

Just grabbing a photo with some ethnic sausages after the big race.

Weird Shit

This was the most surprising part of the whole sportsing day.  Most of the game is just weird shit.  The above photo is from when people dress up as mildly offensive ethnic stereotypes if they were sausages, and then they race.  Sometimes a guy with a big mustache goes down a twisty slide.  There are t-shirt cannons, kiss cams, and actual dance breaks before every. single. bat/hit/throw. That is something we can all get behind!  If I had known that sportsing events were mostly just a cast of weird characters bouncing around to 90’s dance hits while you drink beer, I would have been doing this all along!

Barrelman at Miller Park in Milwaukee

Seriously, who even is this guy?

I never thought I would enjoy sportsing, but all in all I can say that it wasn’t terrible!  I might even consider doing it again!

Sportsing at Miller Park in Milwaukee

I would like to thank the fine folks at Visit Milwaukee for providing me with the opportunity to sports for the first time, as well as Lauren of Justin Plus Lauren and Jenna from Wander The Map for their patience with my stupid sportsing questions.













19 thoughts on “Sportsing at Miller Park in Milwaukee

  1. I actually have never heard of the word sportsing (but I am not a native speaker) but it seems you enjoyed it anyhow! I should do sportsing as well 🙂

  2. I have to admit, I am not a big Baseball fan (soccer, however, is a passion!), but watching it in a stadium is still a lot of fun because the atmosphere.

  3. Hahah good job sportsing! I ended up going on a ‘guys trip’ to NYC where we went sportsing the whole time lol

  4. I love sports but have a really tough time enjoying Baseball. For one of my visits to the US, I had the chance to go to a Baseball match..and didn’t stay until the end. Shame on me, yes, but the game is too slow.

    The best part was definitely tailgating!

  5. I bet the brats are most delicious in Milwaukee.

  6. I;m on my way to Milwaukee and this is something interesting to do. THanks for sharing, I bookmarked it.

  7. I also don’t like watching sports (I do love playing sports), but after moving to Vancouver, my boyfriend bought a season pass to the football (soccer). So now almost every week, I tag along, trying to make the most of it by eating a lot of food 😀 I do love the national anthems (US and Canada) they sing before the match. It’s the highlight for me.

  8. Hahaha, I love it! Had fun sportsing with you, and I loved your sportsing questions–they were definitely entertaining 🙂 You know, I never realized just how many weird things happen at sporting events before you pointed it all out. Too funny!!

  9. I’m so with you – not interested in sports at all but I went to a Knicks game in Madison Square Gardens when I was living in NYC and the atmosphere was amazing. Had no idea what was going on on the court though!

  10. I’ve become a bit more of a sports fan since I left Canada, which is ridiculous because I’ve always found sports so boring. Looks like you had a good time!

  11. Love your newly coined term “sportsing.” Like you I’m not a huge sports fan. However, watching a live game at the stadium always enriches the experience. Not sure about the peanut butter burger! Looks like you had a great time though, and that’s what counts!

  12. I have never used the term sportsing! I like it 🙂 I have to admit I have never made it through and entire game of baseball but glad to read you had a lot of fun.

  13. Sportsing? That’s a new one – but I like it. Especially if it happens in one of our favorite places MKE! We love Milwaukee it’s a wonderful food travel town. Loved all the food & beer shots you included. But the peanut butter burger – no, just no! 😉

  14. This is the first time I heard ‘sportsing’, kinda new to me. 🙂 This sportsing looks fun and it seemed you had fun as well. Let’s see your next sportsing post. 🙂

  15. Ha, I didn’t even know sportsing was a word 🙂 however I love going to soccer matches, yet I prefer to be actually sporting myself … looks like you had a lot of fun though!

  16. I should admit that I am not fan of watching sport matches, but it seems that you had fun and I might give it a try.

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  18. Haha! This is so hilarious! I actually love sports, but I can see where you’re coming from. Glad you had a good time!

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