A Mini Guide to the Best Road Trip!

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A Mini Guide to the Best Road Trip!

Road trips are essential! They keep you fresh and ready to take on the challenges you face in your daily life by giving you some extra time for relaxation, exploring nature and spending quality time with your loved ones.
However, when it comes to turning your trip into a memorable experience; everybody has different preferences and priorities.
Therefore; as you pack for your upcoming road trip; you need to take care of small details so that your experience turns out to be as adventurous and amazing as you want it to be.
Thinking of going on a road trip but worried about the dos’ and don’ts at the same time? Here is a mini guide which will explain the art of enjoying a good road trip in 5 easy steps.

1-Pack It Up:

One of the biggest issues that we face while planning on a road trip the packing department. Many of us tend to get confused here because we are unsure about what to pack and what to leave behind. Let’s start with the basics. Pack the essential accessories first. These include your clothes, hiking boots, hat and a compass.

Then comes the more advanced stuff. Include a torch, a first-aid kit and the eatables. There you are! All prepared and done with the packing.

2-Check Your Car:

Road trips are not planned overnight! They require careful planning in advance. One of the basic aspects of a road trip is the choice of transport you will opt for it. So, make sure that you get your car serviced well before time.

Check the oils, the gears, the drum brakes, the fuel gauges and the tires. Take your car to the mechanic at least 2 weeks before the road trip to get it into top condition.

3-Ensure Safety Measures:

While going on a road trip; we often tend to forget about checking a very important step. It’s the car alarm system! Make sure that it should be properly functional. Generally; on the normal days; you won’t be needing this important tool in your car but for road trips to far off destinations; you should make it turn back to being functional in case if it’s out of order.

Car alarm system will save you from a lot of hassle in case if your car breaks down somewhere and you will have to make a short stay at night.

4-Keep The Music Alive:

A road trip is not complete without a great playlist to enjoy it with. Therefore, before setting off on a road trip; make sure that you fill up your USB with your favorite tracks to enjoy good music on the go. Install a good under seat subwoofer system to enjoy that bass beat and sing along to your favorite songs.

Tune into the local radio to enjoy local music of any specific city or country you intend to visit. Good music with nice company and amazing view of the landscape will make your trip turn into a great experience.

5-Bring In The Snacks:

Now that’s the best part! Stuff in lots of eatables and ready to eat snacks including sandwiches, chips, granola raisin bars and candies. Moreover, ample supply of water bottles should be arranged to stay hydrated on the roads.

Generally; it is not recommended to make many short stays during a good long road trip so having a good amount of eatables will make your journey go smooth and without any inconvenience.

A Mini Guide to the Best Road Trip!

Author Bio:

Jonathon is an IT expert and a researcher. He is obsessed with cars and all the digital accessories. He regularly posts at www.sakerracing.com


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26 thoughts on “A Mini Guide to the Best Road Trip!

  1. Love this. Road trips are one of my favourite ways to travel because you get to stop and see things you’d miss on a plane or even a train. I love great music on a road trip, but I also enjoy listening to podcasts (if I’m doing a solo road trip).

  2. Love the play on words with “Mini Guide” and the authors choice of cars. Classic. Jenn and I can never agree on snacks. She has no appreciation for salty snacks and I could like a salt cube. There was this one trip where she packed nothing but sweets and everybody was grumpapotamus. (grumpapotami for more than one grumpapotamus)

  3. I do love a good road trip! Excellent tips for anyone planning to hit the open road. Taking care of car basic car maintenance before any trip is the perfect way to help ensure a smooth drive and avoid unnecessary headaches! We’d always keep an emergency roadside kit in our car with jumper cables, flares, ect…fortunately, we’ve never had to use it! We also rely on the Waze app for navigation, but sometimes we don’t always have data service. For that reason, we always make sure to have road maps as well to navigate the old fashioned way!

  4. This is a truly excellent and detailed guide for a better road trip. Keep up the awesome work!

  5. Nice guide and I love the pic – Mini’s are very cool! My parents had one when I was a kid and believe it or not, managed to squeeze 6 of us in there sometimes (short trips, mind!). Some good tips here, especially the snacks. Hangry people trapped in cars does not make for a harmonious journey! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have to say I love road trips, and I completely agree it”s an essential part of traveling. You have some great tips here but for me point 4 is the true’est haha Keep the music alive. A good choice of playlists can really determine how great the road trip is haha. Great post

  7. Great road trip tips, especially about brining water. I’m really starting to love road tripping. Although, I’m finding that if I have a car, I tend to pack more than I would if I were flyin

  8. Love road trips!! A couple of essentials we now always pack, a small picnic kit, a travel kettle, cooler bag and zip log bags (for ice). It saves on eating out as you can have an amazing picnic anywhere and the kettle means we can make coffee at a pit stop and we’re addicted to coffee!!

  9. Yes, it’s so important to get a good maintenance check on your vehicle before heading out. A roadside assistance membership is also a good idea. I say all these things, but I’m more likely to spend time getting the subwoofer system you recommended installed!

  10. Love his guest post and the information is so useful. 🙂 I always don’t have the courage to go on full roadtrip. Guess I should start doing it soon!

  11. Carol Colborn

    Love road trips! How about a GPS or a map??? And an iniital list of things to see?

  12. Good to know WHERE everything is packed, too. There’s nothing more frustrating than looking for something you’re pretty sure you packed and not being able to find it!

  13. I see what he did there with the “mini-guide”! This is useful information for those of us who are “road trip” challenged. I have haven’t taken one since I was little and my parents packed up for us. I’m sure the only things that would make it in the car if I had to pack, would be clothes and snacks. Fun post.

  14. I’m such a huge fan of road trips. I try to go every 2 weeks even if its just somewhere nearby. The longest one I did was from Las Vegas to Florida. It was so much fun! Love the tips you have here. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I loved this! And could not agree more to everything you wrote about! I have been on a few road trips and learnt about every single one of these points. Camera also has to be on the front seat, because you never know what snaps you can get!

  16. Road trips are so much fun and a way to explore new areas at leisure. Music does make all the difference and I would add podcasts to your list as well. The one important essential I’d make sure to have is a GPS and map, that way you can get off the path and discover or make your way home if you get lost.

  17. Solid list of essentials before heading off on a road trip … great post!

  18. Thanks for your great tips to best road trip!
    You are so nice to give us these useful tips!

  19. I love road trips.
    Its so hard to beat the 1st ones, where you spontaneously jump in a vehicle, with little or no money, and just go.
    No matter how hard you try, you can never top your first road trips.

  20. Great Guidance about Road Trip. Road trip is one of the most hobby of so many people & I’m also one of them. I too love road trip with my friends. This post is truly excellent and detailed guide !

  21. Best Car Music Subwoofer

    Wow! this is the Best Road Trip! If you add your car music on ride that will be very wonderful ride.

  22. I love road trips.
    Its so hard to beat the 1st ones, where you spontaneously jump in a vehicle, with little or no money, and just go.
    No matter how hard you try, you can never top your first road trips.

  23. Thanks a lot for sharing your incredible ideas. It is an appreciated and pretty tip for all those music lovers. What a Fatal post for who want to upgrade exist subwoofer with new one.

  24. Erwin Magalang

    Nice list and I appreciate that you included checking our car as part of your guide to have the best road trip. One of the most important aspects of a road trip is our car as this will be our mode of transportation. Checking the car as a whole will give us a great service that our car is in top condition. Another thing I do is to pack some emergency car kit during the road trip. Having this on board will allow us to repair minor car problems we might encounter along the way. Even though our car is in top condition there are times that it will still encounter some problems which can be caused by the environment. This is one of the reasons why having an emergency car kit is important during a road trip. A few days ago, I was able to find a blog which provides tips on how to handle a road trip like a pro. You might want to check it here.

  25. I loved this! And could not agree more to everything you wrote about! I have been on a few road trips and learnt about every single one of these points. Camera also has to be on the front seat, because you never know what snaps you can get!

  26. Great points… ha ha ha. Just found your site and I’m reading through a bunch of these. Thanks!

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