Fun Road Trips From Sydney

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With summer quickly approaching (in the Southern Hemisphere), it’s the perfect time to start planning your road trips. What’s not to love about the wind in your hair, belting out your favourite tunes with your favourite people, and the sun beaming down? If you’re lucky enough to be in Sydney during the summer you’re going to love these road trip ideas! And if you’re not from Sydney, there’s no better way to really get to know Australia. So compile the playlist, get packing, bring the sunscreen and shades, and head on a road trip from Sydney!

Sydney to Byron Bay is arguably one of Australia’s most popular road trips, often travelled by school leavers, surfers, and those looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Byron Bay is known for its chilled lifestyle that is essentially the embodiment of the Australian beach lifestyle. It’s normal to see people walking around barefoot, sand in their hair, coming up straight from the surf.
There’s no rush on this 800 kilometre drive, with plenty of stops during the trip, and stunning sights to take in. This trip ending with Byron is a surfer’s paradise with multiple beaches along the way. It’s no surprise that Byron Bay plays host to a magnitude of festivals like Bluesfest and Splendour in the Grass, with the relaxed lifestyle drawing punters in every year! Forget work e-mails, phone calls and meetings while you’re here, the only important thing you’ll need to remember is the sunscreen.

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Photo Credit: taki Lau

If you love how Byron Bay sounds but you just don’t have the time to complete an 8 hour road trip, the equally beautiful Jervis Bay is only a three hour drive from Sydney. Being only three hours from Sydney, Jervis Bay is the perfect road trip destination for those of you who don’t have the time off and are looking for more of a day trip or a weekend getaway. Even during the busy summer weekends, you’ll be able to find your own private section of the bay since Jervis Bay is NINE times bigger than Sydney Harbour.
In Jervis Bay, you’ll find yourself in crystal blue waters, fine and white sands, and an environment so pristine and beautiful. The drive down is beautiful, following the coast line and with various stops on the way for lunch and a look out. I would recommend stopping in Wollongong for a morning tea break, and Stanwell Tops to take in the breathtaking views of hand gliders running off the cliff!

Bristol Point, Jervis Bay

Photo Credit: Steve Shattuck

Chances are you’ve probably heard of the Great Ocean Drive in Victoria, well the Grand Pacific Drive is Sydney’s equivalent. Whether you’re a fan of beaches or rainforests, this drive has them both. The Grand Pacific Drive is going to take you through the Royal National Park on the edge of Sydney, and then follows along the coast to Wollongong.
Only a 90 minute drive from Sydney, Wollongong is the perfect drive for those that have passengers that can’t stand to be in the car for too long. The drive is quick and easy, and it’s easy to complete for a day trip without putting on strain to make it back in time for bed time. I would recommend a day trip for Wollongong itself, but if you’d like to continue exploring the Grand Pacific Drive it leads down to Jervis Bay and more.

The Sea Cliff Bridge. Clifton. NSW

Photo Credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ

A favourite amongst hikers, adventurers, and avid nature lovers, the Blue Mountains boasts stunning natural scenery stretching as far as the eye can see. This trip is not much about the two hour drive west of Sydney but more about the destination: the Blue Mountains. No matter what time of the year you visit there is plenty to do, with numerous walks and hikes taking you through the abundant forest, waterfalls, rock pools, and Aboriginal sites.
One of my personal favourite things to do in the Blue Mountains is do the National Pass hike at Wentworth Falls. The hike is approximate 4 hours return and it does require a decent level of fitness as the hike is steep when it follows down the side of the mountain. The walk down is relatively easy, and the view you get from the bottom of the waterfall is stunning, seeing the water fall from the cliff and glistening in the sun is a sight to remember!

Blue Mountains outside of Sydney Australia

Photo Credit: John Cooke

So there you have it, a few of my personal favourite road trips from my time living in Sydney. Of course these are limited since I live in Sydney, but there are so many more road trips available in NSW starting from different points! So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends, get planning, and get road tripping!

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11 thoughts on “Fun Road Trips From Sydney

  1. I’ve heard great things about the Blue Mountains, and Jarvis Bay looks spectacular! Definitely worth seeing, especially if it only takes a few hours to get to.

  2. We’ve never been to Australia, but it’s on our bucket list. As we love road trips, we’d certainly rent a car to explore this wonderful country more in depth (not sure if we’ll be able to drive on the left side though…). Your choices of road trips around Sydney sound awesome, especially the one to Byron Bay! Does it have anything to do with Lord Byron? hehe.. Hiking the Blue Mountains also sounds like a lot of fun. We’d love to see the waterfalls there, as well as Aboriginal sites.

  3. Wow! Australia is really a dream destination for me. I was just wondering how do you rent cars if you are a tourist in Australia, though? Is it easy?

  4. I like to hike and would love to visit the Blue Mountains. One day! For now, I just have to admire your photos.

  5. Eloise

    Nice list! I’ve already visited these places a few times (I lived in Sydney and now live in Brisbane), but I’d be happy to go back again! I’m actually planning to stop in Jervis Bay and Wollongong later this year or early next year. This coast has so many great spots to explore! Port Stephens is also another good one that’s not too far away.

  6. Uff I wish I was coming into summer now – its very cold in Berlin where I am at the moment! I have heard Byron Bay is beautiful, but I think Jervis Bay sounds like the better option for me; being so much closer to Sydney. As much as I love gorgeous coastal drives I suffer from motion sickness so the closer the better for me!

  7. I didn’t realize just how much there was to see right outside of Sydney! I would love to go to the Blue Mountains National Park. It looks like a blue + green version of the Grand Canyon in the states from that photo!

  8. It is always great when a city like Sydney can offer some much diversity within a short driving distance. You can spend the day at the beaches at Byron Bay, or head to the Blue Mountains for hiking. It is fun to have so many options, whether you are visiting or living there, to spend time in National Parks and enjoy a break from city life!

  9. Byron Bay sounds wonderful right now. I could use some chill Australian beach life. Although I have to say the Blue Mountains sound as if they’d win my travelling heart with all the nature and the Aboriginal sites. Some great ideas here.

  10. We are always big fans of road trips! It would be so much fun to do some road tripping around Australia—all of these suggestions sound great! The Blue Mountains would probably be our first pick because we always love hiking, mountains and forests. But Sydney to Byron Bay has always been a road trip we’ve wanted to take, as well! Too many great options to pick from!

  11. I love road trips! This is a great piece. My sister-in-law lives in Sydney but she doesn’t get out much. I’m looking for things we can go do. Thanks for these!

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