Christmas Day the Aussie Way

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The classic image of Christmas is one filled with white snow, a roaring fire, and bitter bitter cold. However, the scenario is entirely different in the land down under. Celebrating Christmas in Australia will likely involve a beach, sand, barbecue, sun, and all the things usually associated with summer. Christmas in summer?  That’s the reality for the Southern Hemisphere! So for those who are looking for a new way to celebrate this occasion, Australia is the perfect destination. Here are some activities that you could do to celebrate Christmas in the land down under.

Romantic Dinner on the Beach (Photo By Photeka)

(photo by Photeka, under creative commons license)
A Romantic Christmas Eve Dinner on the Beach – Those of us in Europe or the USA, are used to having a “white Christmas”, and during these times visiting the beach is a pretty terrible idea. However, when you are in Sydney, Canberra or other parts of Australia, you can plan on beautiful beach weather!. Wouldn’t it be great to spend the Christmas Eve with your significant other, having a romantic dinner with a view of the ocean?


Rescue Not Needed (photo by Steve Janosik)

(photo by Steve Janosik, under creative commons license)

Enjoy a bonfire with friends and loved ones – This is not a big adjustment, many of us are used to sitting in front of a roaring fire, sipping hot cocoa with marshmallows.  In Australia, you can sit in front of a roaring fire, on the beach, and roast marshmallows.  That seems like an upgrade. Since the weather is hot, spending time outdoors is the best way to celebrate the holiday. You can invite friends and loved ones to go camping and spend the night gathered around a bonfire while eating, drinking, dancing, and just relaxing.


BBQ Food (photo by markheseltine)

(photo by markheseltine, under Creative Commons License)

Have a barbecue picnic with the family – you will not be eating much turkey or ham in the outback, instead you will feast on barbecue and grilled seafood! Go out in the park and have a fun barbecue day with your family.


merry christmas from a soggy sydney! (photo by Matthew Fuentes)

(photo by  Matthew Fuentes, under Creative Commons License)

Surf and turf – You can actually surf during Christmas in Australia. Take this time to learn how to surf, and possibly meet a hot Australian surfer 😉 . After a tiring but fun day at the beach, you can eat all the grilled fish, shrimp, squid and other seafood that you can handle.


photo by dave.see

(photo by dave.see, under Creative Commons License)

Have a fun night out – What’s the best way to cool off during the hot weather? Drink a super cold beer mate! Enjoy a night out in fancy clubs or cozy pubs drinking beer or wine. You will definitely feel the joy of spending a holiday abroad.


QVB clock (photo by Dan Terzian)

(photo by Dan Terzian, under Creative Commons License)

Go to the mall – it may not be a white Christmas in Australia, but there are still lots of Christmas decorations especially in the malls where you can see giant Christmas trees and other decorations. You can spend time in the mall and buy presents for your loved ones.  Trust me, you’re dad would much rather receive a boomerang than another tie!


Snowy the Sandman (photo by Forsaken Fotos) 

(photo by  Forsaken Fotos, under Creative Commons License)

Spending a holiday in Australia can be so much fun and interesting. So what are you waiting for? Book a flight now, contact a car hire at Hobart airport or Sydney airport and reserve a nice and cozy place to stay. The entire family is sure to love this idea! If you decided to spend Christmas there, you’ll be in for another holiday treat via Boxing Day, which Aussies celebrate the day after Christmas.

Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links, but of course is still representative of my own opinion.  As an added bonus, here’s a picture of 17 year old me holding a koala!

Mags on the Move holding a koala

7 thoughts on “Christmas Day the Aussie Way

  1. This is similar to our Christmas in southern California, but it might not be as warm here. I haven’t seen an option to have Christmas dinner on the beach though. That sounds like a dream. I don’t know how romantic it would be with our daughter but still wonderful.

    • Mags

      Maybe not as romantic, but still a great time!

  2. After just spending a month in Australia, this was a fun one to read! It’s so festive around the holidays; parades, massive christmas trees, neon lights, the whole nine yards 🙂

  3. I’m still struggling to spend Christmas away from home whilst travelling but Australia looks like a hella lot of fun when family are so far away! Love the beach view and it’s a good idea to get your Xmas fix at the mall 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Xmas and all the best for 2016!

  4. Fun post! I loved the throwback picture of you. Was that last year? lol Nice to see how they celebrate down under and I am a big fan of the beach tree and surfboards. LOL

  5. Ironically enough your Christmas experience down under sounds a lot like mine was in South Florida! I’ve gotten used to having a white “sandy” Christmas these days, and the barbecuing and bonfires on the beach are a real treat. What kinds of seafood do you guys have beachside?


  6. It may have been years since this article was posted, but all of the recommended activities on this post is still fun as always. And may I just say, that’s a lovely photo you’ve got with the Koala. So adorable! Thanks for sharing!

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