Experience The Luxury of Freedom at Big Berry Camp in Slovenia

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The idea of “Glamping” has been intriguing to me for a while, due in equal parts to my very real fear of toilet snakes (which is magnified with more rustic camping sites), and my love of a clever name.  I finally got to fulfill my glamping dreams at Big Berry in the Bela Krajina region of Slovenia.

Getting to Big Berry:

Big Berry is located right on the border of Slovenia and Croatia, making Zagreb the closes airport to the campsite, which a little over an hour drive.  Though, at and hour and a half, Ljubljana is a fine choice too.  I flew in to Zagreb and enjoyed the scenic drive through charming towns that dot the Croatian and Slovenia countryside.  I also got to cross my first ever land border.  Their stamps have cars on them! (It’s the little things).

Proof of my first ever land border crossing.

If you end up visiting Big Berry by car, be sure to keep your passport on your person in case you want to explore a bit of neighboring Croatia.

First Impressions:

Pulling into the Big Berry campsite was immediately peaceful.  Sandwiched between the beautiful Kolpa River and pastoral farmland with grazing cattle, Big Berry is the perfect place to unwind.

Big Berry Lifestyle Camp on the Kolpa River in Bela Krajina in Slovenia

The clear waters of the Kolpa River steps from your front door!

Big Berry Lifestyle Camp on the Kolpa River in Bela Krajina in Slovenia

Slovenian countryside in your backyard.

At check in, guests are presented with a welcome basket full of local goodies for their stay.

Welcome Basket at Big Berry Lifestyle Camp on the Kolpa River in Bela Krajina in Slovenia

Local beer and wine, the best kinds of goodies!

The Big Berry houses themselves are adorable and hardly feel like “roughing it.”  There are a few different sizes to choose from based on your party size.  There are houses that sleep 2, 4, or 6.  I stayed in house number 3 which sleeps 6 and would be perfect for a family or group of friends.

"Brown Berry" houses at Big Berry Lifestyle Camp on the Kolpa River in Bela Krajina in Slovenia

The house for 6 people has 2 bedrooms; the “master” with a double bed, and a second bedroom with 2 sets of bunk beds.

Big Berry master bed room

Bedroom in Big Berry Lifestyle camp in Slovenia

All of the houses have one bathroom, one living room, and a full working kitchen, though the configuration is a bit different depending on the size of the house.

Kitchen at Big Berry Lifestyle Camp on the Kolpa River in Bela Krajina in Slovenia

These are fully equipped modern houses with electricity, wifi (though at times spotty), and TVs, that if you’re like me, you’ll never use.  Who needs a TV when you’ve got this outside?

Sunrise on the Kolpa River at Big Berry Lifestyle Camp in Primostek, Slovenia

Sunrise on the Kolpa

The outside of the Big Berry homes is even more impressive than the inside, because that’s where the hot tub is!  Each home has a porch with a hot tub, two lounge chairs, and a dining table for communal dinners outdoors.

Big Berry Lifestyle Camp in Primostek, Slovenia

The Big Berry Difference:

Big Berry describes themselves as a “lifestyle camp.”  I’ll admit I was  confused about what that meant, and a little concerned I was joining a cult (which I may have, I do really want cut ties with everyone and live there forever).

Big Berry is more than just a beautiful place to stay, it’s an all inclusive experience.  While staying at the camp, all of your food and activities are included and there is plenty to do, but the most impressive part of a stay at Big Berry is the people.

The camp is small enough that you’ll get to know your neighbors and the staff.  The Big Berry team is comprised of super friendly interns from all over the world eager to swap stories and show you around their new home.  They were even nice enough not to make fun of me for being completely out of shape on the worlds longest bike ride (story to follow as soon as I recover enough to share it with the world).  If you leave Big Berry without a few new friends, you’re doing it wrong.

The Food:

Every morning a friendly staff member will deliver a gorgeous basket full of local foods for breakfast.  You can expect to find fresh yogurt, milk, honey, fruits, juices, eggs, and plenty of pogača (a bread local to the region that is similar in both taste and pronunciation to focaccia).

Breakfast delivered to your door every morning at Big Berry Camp in Primostek, Slovenia

Breakfast delivered to your door every morning at Big Berry Camp in Primostek, Slovenia

Big Berry also partners with local restaurants that provide food to guests of the camp.  Simply take your key with you and show it at any of the participating restaurants, or some will even deliver to the camp.

Venison at Gostilna Muller in Crnomelj, near the Big Berry Camp in Slovenia

“Young Stag” from Gostilna Muller

Dessert at Gostilna Muller in Crnomelj, near the Big Berry Camp in Slovenia

Pana Cotta from Gostilna Muller

My favorite local restaurant was Gostilna Muller, which has been serving traditional food to the area since 1965 (before it was even Slovenia).  The restaurant is beautiful and has a patio that overlooks the river.  I enjoyed this restaurant so much I ended up going back twice in the 4 days I was staying at the camp.

On the weekends the Big Berry staff and guest fire up the grill and come together for a BBQ.  This is a great chance to sample some local flavor, or try your hand at cooking (I opted to let the capable folks at Big Berry do most of the work for me 😉 ).

Firing up the grills at Big Berry in Primostek, Slovenia

Firing up the grills at Big Berry in Primostek, Slovenia

Firing up the grills at Big Berry in Primostek, Slovenia

The Activities:

There’s plenty to do without ever leaving the camp.  The Kolpa River water is some of the cleanest around.  You’ll see plenty of guests and local taking a dip.  The water was a little too cold for this Floridian, but others disagree.

Outdoor BBQ area at Big Berry Camp in Primostek, Slovenia

The camp has canoes and bikes for guests use during your stay, as well as a communal BBQ area, and these dreamy open air beds.

Dreamy outdoor beds at Big Berry in Primostek, Slovenia

Oh, and how could I forget outdoor swinging chairs?!

Hanging around at Big Berry camp in Primostek, Slovenia

There is also a volleyball court available for guests.  Unfortunately, I was there during a local volleyball tournament, so I had to skip the sportsing and take pictures of these shirtless Slovenian athletes.  My job is full of sacrifices.

Beach Volleyball tournament at Big Berry Camp in Primostek, Slovenia

Field Trips:

It’s difficult, but worthwhile to pry yourself away from the camp.  One thing that makes Big Berry so unique is that the offer trips to local producers in the region.  Remember all of those delicious items from breakfast?  Well, now you get to find out how the sausage is made ( or milk, wine, honey, bread, etc.).

I had the privilege of visiting a 4th generation beekeeper and sampling some delicious honey,

Sampling local honey with a 4th generation bee keeper in Slovenia

learning a bit of regional history and sampling some freshly baked pogača.

Sampling some freshly baked pogača at Big Berry in Primostek, Slovenia

trying my hand at traditional egg dying (*spoiler alert… I need some practice)

Dying eggs in Slovenia

tasting every imaginable kind of oil and learning of their medicinal properties,

Sampling oils at Big Berry Camp in Primostek, Slovenia

and best of all, drinking local wine, in a vineyard, by a church, at sunset.  This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Drinking straight from the vine at Big Berry Camp in Primostek, Slovenia

Gorgeous Slovenian Vineyards at Sunset in Metlika, Slovenia

It’s impossible to visit all of the local artisans in the area in one trip, which gives me a perfect excuse to come back.

Big Berry also offers trips further afield.  My Big Berry neighbors and I got to spend a lovely afternoon exploring the capital of Ljubljana, which was a nice surprise.

The Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Details:

Big Berry Camp is open seasonally from April-October and is booking for next year.  A house will run you € 200/night.  When you consider that includes room, food, and activities for up to 6 people it’s really a steal.  There are currently only 5 houses being rented out, so if you’re looking for a unique getaway, head to the Big Berry website and reserve your spot now!


I was kindly invited as a guest of Big Berry, but all opinions expressed are my own and I would recommend this once in a lifetime experience to anyone!










42 thoughts on “Experience The Luxury of Freedom at Big Berry Camp in Slovenia

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  13. Elizabeth O.

    I don’t think I would ever want to leave such a relaxing place! This is what I love about living in the country instead of the city. Life is so much more relaxed and you’ll be able to stop and appreciate everything especially the good company and the food.

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