Looped on the Loop; Another Way to Drink at Disney

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Looped on the Loop; Another Way to Drink at Disney

Ok, so everyone knows about drinking around the world at Epcot, (of course I have plenty to say about that too) but it seems few people have caught on to the Loop.  The Loop is another way to drink at Disney, it’s a collection of hotels you can stop at on the monorail at Walt Disney World, three to be exact, each of which have their own bars (or several bars) to drink at on the way!

While the Loop has fewer bars than drinking around the world, there are some advantages.

  • The Monorail- Trust me, the Monorail becomes way more fun after you’ve had a few.  You almost don’t notice that barnyard smell.

Drunk Monorailing

  • Air Conditioning– Disney World is in Florida, this one speaks for itself.
  • Actual Bars– Here you can settle and make friends with the bartenders.  There’s something to be said for stumbling around a theme park drunk, but sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name… and they always let you climb on the bar.Grand Floridian Bar

The monorail loop will take you to 3 different resorts and each of these resorts have different drinking options.

  • The Polynesian Resort- This is the first and best (in my humble opinion) stop on the monorail, or rather, it’s the best first stop because you can get the Backscratcher, a tropical rum cocktail with a free backscratcher! This of course, adds to the fun at every other stop.

Disney's Polynesian Backscrathers

Disney's Polynesian Resort Backscratchers

Disney's Polynesian Resort Bar

*Insider tip* If you come early, the bar might be closed, but you can still get drinks at the gift shop!

Daydrinking at the Polynesian

and then you can take them with you on the monorail!

Monorail Drinking at Disney World

  • The Grand Floridian– This is my favorite stop, if only for Tammy the bartender.  She’s always there and never leaves you with an empty glass.  She also looks the other way on a lot of shenanigans.

Grand Floridian Bar at Disney World

Tammy at the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World

*You’ll also have to find an alternative for day drinking here.  Pool side gift shop wine works well.

Drinking poolside at the Grand Floridian

Drinking poolside at the Grand Floridian

  • The Contemporary– The final stop, of course you can linger at any of the bars you want, but here there are 3 options.  The best is probably the California Grill.  It’s on the top floor and has the best view of the fireworks.  There is also the Top of the World bar in next door Baylake Towers.  This has a similar view but is less crowded and also harder to get into.  Technically this is only for vacation club members with valid ID,  though less technically I’ve found that if you go to the second to top floor and then use the fire stairs to get to the bar there is not much to be done about it.  The third option is the Wave lounge.  This is the only one open during the day, so this is the best day drinking bet.

The Wave Lounge at the Contemporary Resort

The Wave Lounge at the Contemporary Resort

The California Grill bar at the Contemporary Resort Walt DIsney World

The real advantage of getting looped on the Loop is that you can go later than Drinking around the World at Epcot.  I’ve found that 9pm comes very early when you’re trying to make it to 11 countries.  Of course if you are up for a challenge, you could always drink around the world then head to the Loop.  Though be warned, that doesn’t always end well.  But hey, you’re on vacation!

Drinking at Disney





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