The 10 Best Travel Inventions You Never Knew You Needed

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Get ready to revolutionize the way you travel.  Really, how have you lived your whole life without these?

The 10 Best Travel Inventions You Never Knew You Needed - Mags On The Move

*Inflatable Loungers

I have seen ads for these far a while now, usually with skinny gorgeous bikini models lounging on the beach.  That seems great, but my first thought was this;

Airport Hobo LIfe is no longer neccessary thanks to some great new travel products

“if I owned this product, I would never have to sleep on a cold filthy airport bench again!”  So whether your a sun-kissed beach goddess like the advertisements, or a dirty airport hobo like me, this product could change your life.

There’s even a car version if you are more inclined to road trips!

*GPS Trackable Luggage

The Bluesmart Suitcase is the best thing I’ve ever seen.  This luggage charges your devices, weighs itself (using the handle as a scale!), and GPS/Bluetooth technology that allows you to track your luggage and lock or unlock it anywhere from your smart phone!  People, the future is now!  Unfortunately, the carry on size is going for over $300, which is a pretty penny.

If the Bluesmart Luggage is too rich for your blood, you can check out a smaller device like the Lugloc.  Lugloc retails around $50.  Just link it with an app on your smart phone, place it in your checked luggage, and be able to track it anywhere in the world.  I can’t tell you how often this would have come in handy.  Mostly recently when a certain American carrier lost my bag for 9 full days in London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Abu Dhabi, or Johannesburg (which was quite an adventure!).

*Pocket Sized Hand Crank Generator

This nifty product is great for camping and power outages, but perhaps most useful when you don’t want to battle airport strangers for the coveted one outlet in the corner.  You know the one where you get to sit on the floor and lean against the garbage can?  Instead, what if you could make your own power with a crank of the wrist like some kind of magician?  Pretty sweet right?  The K-TOR Pocket Socket Hand Crank Generator Portable Power Supply, fits in your pocket and runs about $60.

*A Handbag with a Secret (shhh…the secret is wine)

This is not a great idea on a plane, but it’s a wonderful idea anywhere else in life!  This innocent looking handbag has a secret wine (or any other liquid 😉 ) bladder and discrete pour spout.  Toss a couple of these squishy rubber wine glasses in there and you’re a walking party!

*A Drink Holder for your Luggage

Turn your suitcase into a personal assistant!  This is perfect for the traveler that can’t managed to juggle travel papers, luggage, and the coffee necessary make your brain remember gate numbers without losing your passport forever and having to stay an extra day in Australia on your high school field trip because you’re a security risk and then your science teacher literally rips her hair out on the flight home and never chaperones another international trip.  We all know that kind of traveler right?

*Passport Cover turned Power Bank

I’m all about the multi-tasking!  This cute passport cover comes in several fun colors and inspirational travel phrases, has an RFID blocker, and a hidden power bank to charge up your devices!  There’s even a neat little pocket to store your phone while it’s charging.

Passport cover with a hidden power bank? Yes please!

*Travel Sized Water Heater

This handy do-dad is the perfect accessory for the first world traveler.  Just stick this heater in a cup of water and you’re ready for tea anywhere!  Pair it with a few packets of Starbucks Via and you’re unstoppable!




At only $9 this will end up saving you quite a bit on your morning joe!

*A Better Neck Pillow

The usual U-shaped neck pillows are the worst! There, I said it!  Instead of a pillow behind your neck forcing your head at a weird angle, try this gentle over the shoulder number.  It’s way more comfortable and you’re less likely to have a weird double chin in case strangers take pictures of you sleeping.

*Inverted Umbrella

Much like the spinner suitcase, this invention begs the question, “what took so long?”  We as a society have been doing things the hard way for so long!  This umbrella is easier to open through a cracked door and the wet part stays on the inside!  It’s a great time to be alive.  Plus this guy folds down super small for easy packing!

An inverted umbrella! What took so long?

*Airplane Seat Cover

So there are approximately 7000 seats on any given airplane, and the time between unloading the passengers before you and loading you up is about 30 seconds.  If you do the math, that’s .0042 seconds of cleaning per seat.  That’s just a scientific fact.  How clean do you think those seats really are?  Have you seen the people at airports?  They’re monsters.  Do you want to share ass space with that?  This may take up a little room in your carry on, but it’s totally worth it (and comes in several cute designs)!

If you’d like to try out any of these ingenious inventions, you can check them out at the links below.  I’ll get a little kick back and it won’t cost you anything extra (and as an added bonus, I’ll love you forever!)






21 thoughts on “The 10 Best Travel Inventions You Never Knew You Needed

  1. Carol Colborn

    I love your finds! Thanks for putting them all together.

  2. Ha, these are all so interesting! LOVE that passport cover and power bank combo. Will definitely check that out, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I need that wine in a bag in my life. And not just for travelling either! I actually now see the need for seat covers – you’re right. The germaphobe in me is grossed out. Great list!

  4. Jean

    Yup these are things I never knew I needed and probably will never need. Some rather hilarious bits and pieces though

  5. As a traveler who always runs out of power, I need that passport cover power bank. What a great invention!

  6. These travel inventions are really cool. I think it’s great that there’s always innovations to improve our lives. The umbrella looks adorable!

  7. OK, I have to have the wine-bag! Not sure how or where I’ll use it, but I NEED it!! LOL. I’m actually thinking of getting a little heater for making coffee, hotels in Romania ( where we live about half of the year) never provide kettles in rooms, it’s really annoying!

  8. Some cool ideas here. GPS trackable luggage sounds useful. I need one of those! Love the idea of the drink holder and that neck pillow looks like it’s worth a try.

  9. A GPS tracker for you suitcase! that’s awesome. I’ve never lost luggage before (knock on wood haha) but that would definitely be a good precautionary step to take

  10. I need that passport cover. That is really handy.

  11. I need that inverted umbrella, and I don’t even know why. Maybe just the fact that I’ve never seen it here! That’s awesome.

  12. Ha, these are awesome. They’d pretty much all improve my status from a dirt cheap budget traveller.

  13. Looks like some handy accessories for everyone here to suit every occasion I love luggage drink holder.

  14. I am definitely a fan of the inflatable lounger. They seem like just the thing for those awkwardly long layovers that are still too short to get a hotel room for. I really like the cup holder for your luggage too. If you ever tried to get a decent cup of coffee and a meal before your plane takes off, you know you are going to run out of hands.

  15. It’s great to see a list of things for travellers that are actually useful!! Although I think that suitcase is a little bit TOO smart for me!!! I particularly like the LugLoc, Pillow and inverted umbrella – but sadly, I’m more likely to need the car version of the inflatable bed this year! Great list!

  16. This is freaking EPIC! Thanks so much! That neck pillow is life and the drink holder for your luggage omg I need every single thing here!

  17. Oh my gosh, I think I may just order the travel neck pillow for my daughter and me! I can’t sleep on a plane or car without leaning my head against something. And you’re right, those u-shaped pillows are the worst!

  18. Megan Jerrard

    These are all great, but the drink holder for luggage is pure genius! So simple yet solves so many airport problems – we only have two hands and it’s difficult to wheel your luggage, while drinking coffee and pulling out tickets and passports etc at the same time. Brilliant!

  19. Now Mags you know I like you but I gotta be honest. Some of the stuff on your list is genius and some is chessiness. The carry on that weighs itself, charges devices, can be found if lost by phone and makes espressos (wait I don’t think it did that…) is awesome. Anything to track luggage is awesome. The drink holder on your luggage handle meh ok but the airplane seat cover??? Imagine me holding up the line of already anxious and impatient people while I set that up to sit on…That inflatable lounger as cool as it is will cause me to miss every single flight once I set that up and take a nap…lol

  20. laxmanchowdary

    Travel is a very great gift from god and that is what we have learned from your blog. Thanks for such a good write up. Truly an amazing piece of writing.

  21. All these items are a must! I have to get all of them! 🙂

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