6 Digital Nomad Jobs You Can Do When Traveling the World

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6 Digital Nomad Jobs

A lot of people today are choosing to live a nomad life. Staying in one place just doesn’t have the same charm as sleeping in a new place every night. But seeing this wonderful world we live in is not free. And while there are some miracle stories about people who have seen the entire world by working on the transport they are taking and by the good hearts of the hosts, not everyone can pull that trick. Holding down a job is not easy if you are traveling all over the world, but there are careers that allow exactly that.

If you are traveling all over the world, you are probably seeing some amazing sights and experiencing things other people can only dream of seeing. However, you can take a small part of that world and bring it to them – through photography. You don’t need to have the best and most expensive camera – especially if you are traveling light and don’t always have a safe place to store it – but you do need to have a good eye. There are many photographers across the world doing exactly that, so finding your own style is crucial. Once you have a collection, you can either sell your photos or create a blog, earning off views and purchased pieces.

6 Digital Nomad Jobs


As a world traveler, you probably speak more than one language, and that number usually goes higher the more you travel. Put that knowledge to good use by working as a translator or interpreter. If you are staying at a place for a long time, you can ask around in agencies if there is a short-term job offer, or just work online as a freelancer, which is a great option if you don’t always have reliable internet. Good knowledge of English and another widespread language like Spanish, German or Chinese will get you far.

Expressing your opinion

Isn’t it wonderful to be paid simply for stating your opinion on something, no matter what that opinion is? Believe it or not, you can do exactly that. You can take paid surveys online and fund your travels. It is a great option for someone who wants an additional income once in a while, because it isn’t something that you need to do regularly, or keep up with at all times. Many companies are prepared to give money to learn about people’s opinions on their products and services, but also habits and interests, to improve their marketing strategies or create better products.

6 Digital Nomad Jobs


If you have a talent for writing, believe that a lot of people would like to hear about your adventures. Starting a blog about your adventures where you share tips, experiences and worries is a great way to keep a journal of everything you’ve done, but if you are getting enough views, it can also be a great source of income, especially when the posts are engaging and accompanied by beautiful photographs. But writing about traveling isn’t the only option. You can become a freelance copywriter, perhaps in an industry that you used to work in before you started your travels. It can be a good way to earn money, as well as to rest your mind by thinking about something that’s not travel-related.


If you have plenty of experience in a field that could use your knowledge, then consulting is not only a good way to support your travels, but it can be a cause for your travels as well. You can visit the firms that work in that field all over the world and share your knowledge and advice. But if you don’t want to spend your travels like that, then online consulting, either for companies or individuals, is also a great thing. If you are working with someone who needs you at precise times during the day, make sure you are available and have a good connection.

6 Digital Nomad Jobs

Teaching and tutoring

Having skills that are practical and easily teachable is a great asset, and if you have such skills, sharing them is a great way to earn some money wherever you go. Whether it’s something you are proficient in, or that you’ve mastered on a level that can be useful to a beginner, the internet allows you to tutor people from far away. It is important to know your skill set precisely and to be able to transfer your knowledge in a way that is easily understood.

Whether you are just taking a year of your life to travel around the globe, or if you are committing yourself entirely to exploring the far corners of the world, it’s always good to have financial security and an income that will cover your basic needs, wherever you are. And if you can make that fit into your skills and things you love to do, you have an overall win!

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