5 Attractions in the United Kingdom To Embrace Your Inner Child

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Sometimes it is fun to come back to childhood just for a little bit and enjoy yourself, am I right? British people know that, and therefore, they managed to build and develop these five attractions, which will help you get in touch with the little you inside. Excited? I bet so!

Legoland in Windsor, U.K.

Legoland, Windsor

Not that far away from amazingly beautiful Windsor Castle, you can stop by at one of the most colorful and lively places in the UK – the real working Legoland. This theme park is entirely built from various sized Lego blocks, and they even have working cars made from them as well! Nearby located hotel is just perfect for family vacations too, so if you decide to visit Windsor, you know where to stay!
Opened in 1996, Legoland in Windsor is full of themed rides, mini-models of various famous tourists sites and buildings, and even some building workshops where you can really express your creativity and embrace a child inside.


Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Both adults and children of all ages love this castle located in the North of England. While ladies who enjoyed super popular TV series called “Downtown Abby” can also find some places to explore here – in fact, here you can find a unique exhibition where the show is still filmed at!
Children and your inner child can enjoy real life knight experience as there is a chance to dress up in traditional medieval attires and explore the caste dress like a real hero from fairy tales. Here you can also create some medieval time crafts, start an epic dragon quest, or just walk around dressed like a royal or a mere noble.

Bristol Science Center- Bristol, U.K.

Bristol Science Centre, Bristol

To embrace your little scientist inside, stop by at Bristol Science Centre. This amazing centre will give you opportunities to visit and try out various crazy interesting experiments, invent something unique and just fall in love with chemistry, psychics and other sciences. There are tons of special activities for kids of all ages too, so no matter who you are, you can find something interesting to do at this Science Centre.


Natural History Museum, London

For those who enjoy natural history, love to check out real skeletons of dinosaurs and other unusual creatures, Natural History Museum in London is just perfect. This free to visit a museum is always full of various exhibits that regularly chance, therefore you will always find something interesting and new in there. The fun thing is that institution offers some interactive fun for kids too (and adults who are still kids inside), so everyone will love it for sure.
If you get hungry after exploring so many amazing exhibits, stop by at museum’s restaurants or one of three working cafes in the building. And finally, just before you leave, don’t forget to buy a souvenir from the Dino Store, which will remind you of the good times in here.

BeWILDerwood - Norfolk, U.K.

BeWILDerwood, Norfolk

Wanted to run wild and have a blast in the woods? Then BeWILDerwood in Norfolk is the place you have to stop by. This amazingly beautiful forest is full of tree houses, zip wires, jungle bridges, storytelling, boat rides, marsh walks and much more. So you inner child will love the place, no questions asked. This park is truly an imaginative adventure park where everything has a little magic, and nothing is ordinary.
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This is a sponsored post, but as always, all opinions are my own.

17 thoughts on “5 Attractions in the United Kingdom To Embrace Your Inner Child

  1. Thank you for this post… Needed this for our trip to the UK.

  2. Alnwick Castle in Northumberland is on my radar. Hoping to visit it next month.
    Charles McCool recently posted…6 Websites That Will Make You a Happy TravelerMy Profile

  3. I am still a child and love to do “childish” things and though I have been to London several times I have never done any of the 5 things you mentioned. Time to change that one day 🙂

  4. Well, I’m a scientist so I love the idea of visiting science centre! It always makes me happy, when places like these are really well organised! 🙂

  5. Great! I’ll go the the UK next May so I know where to go!
    Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Bristol Science Centre and BeWILDerwood sound like a lot of fun! The rest of others – I have same or similar experiences like those, and I’m happy that I went. I definitely felt like a kid again, even learning again or something new! 🙂

  7. Legoland would be amazing – totally agree with the Natural History Museum – I took a group of school kids there while I was volunteering in 2007 and we had just as much fun as the chaperones!

  8. This is a really cute article. I never think about amusement activities when I’m traveling. We’ll be in that area in a few weeks. Maybe we need to embrace our inner child!

  9. I wish I was a little kid and could justify going and playing at some of these places. As an adult I love the natural history museum.

  10. Great list of spots! The Natural History Museum in London was one of my favorite museums there–such a fun place to explore! And, BeWILDerwood looks so cool! Would love to run around there for a bit and act like a kid again 🙂

  11. Sign me up! I love everything about this post. One of the best parts about being a parent is getting to grow up all over again and see the world. Everything you may have missed the first time with a completely different set of eyes.

  12. I definitely, definitely need to go to the one in Norfolk! Love love climbing amongst trees, lets hope they have rope nets too!

  13. I really am still a child at heart and I loved all of these. I also like the science center, you pick up a lot of things.

  14. Thank you for this post, I’ll bookmark it right away for my next trip to London!

  15. We love the natural history museum, it’s packed full of interesting things to see. Legoland also looks amazing but unfortunately never been. You check out Cornwall as well, so many fun things to do down there!

  16. My favourites are Legoland and Natural History museum perfect for adults and kids. Love how UK has so much for children too.

  17. After a long time reading a post where someone has shared some must visit attractions, otherwise almost every traveler just talk about the most common places like London eye, big ben, museums and Thames. Here I found something new to do adding it in my to do list, kids gonna have some real fun.

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