Hidden Places of Spain That You Must See

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Hidden Places of Spain that you must Visit

There are thousands of places that are worth visiting throughout the world, yet Spain seems to be one of the top choices for tourists nowadays. But have you ever asked yourself the question why? Although Spain has indeed a lot to offer in terms of places to see and things to experience, these reasons alone aren’t enough for some to choose it as their next destination. Instead, they are looking for something truly extraordinary in a county that they are visiting. If you’re one of those people, here is a list of hidden gems of Spain that you simply must visit.


Love history and architecture? Than Merida is one place that definitely deserves a spot on your list of extraordinary locations to visit while in Spain. It was founded by Emperor Augustus in 25 B.C. and was considered an important city in the Roman Empire. It offers stunning Roman architecture and statues that you won’t be able to see in many places on the globe. One of the amazing things to see there is Teatro Romano. Which is, as you might have presumed, an ancient Roman theater that is in surprisingly good condition. Although preserved quite well, it was reconstructed to hold the annual Classical Theater Festival. So, that’s another reason to time your vacation right and visit this surreal place.

Hidden Places of Spain that you must See


Its rich academic history draws even those that aren’t acquainted with the cultural achievements in our past. The University of Salamanca is well known throughout the world among historians. It was founded in 1134, but its glory didn’t reach its peak until the 16th century. Several historical figures have traversed within these halls, including Christopher Columbus. It is astonishing how it still holds the energy of past events and actions of many. Make sure you visit Salamanca University, Catedral Vieja de Santa María de la Sede, and many other attractions in this historical town.

Hidden Places of Spain that you must See


There are plenty of things to see and places to explore within Cordoba, yet Mezquita-Catedral is the most interesting one. Considered as an intellectual hub for people of various religions and nationalities, Cordoba holds the most prized architectural gem in that region. The Cathedral-Mosque was first a temple of the pagans, then a church, a mosque and finally cathedral. Some agencies include Spain packages with this destination in their recommended traveling route. It might be a good idea to have a proper guided tour here, just because there is so much information you can get from a professional guide.

Hidden Places of Spain that you must See


If you’re a person who appreciates a nice view and a good glass of wine, you’ll find plenty of blissful moments in Tarragona. It is located around 90 km from Barcelona on a rocky hill on the Costa Dorada. It was the capital city of the Tarraconensis province in 218 B.C. It’s no wonder that the Roman architecture is praised to this day as this place still looks intact. Even after almost two millennia, you can still see the halls and walls that bind this place together in almost perfect shape. Enjoy the sightseeing or join a tour and ask your guide all about Roman activities in this area, as well as the glorious architecture that they’ve left behind. Be sure to bring your camera with you as this is a place that will indeed provide some memorable moments. So, why not document them and make them timeless.

Hidden Places of Spain that you must See


Just around 100 km to the northwest from Madrid, Avila was founded to protect the Spanish people from the Moors. This unique city is still intact and has won the UNESCO heritage status back in 1985. The wall that protected the city is still in great condition, and is standing 40 feet tall and goes ten feet underneath the ground. There is plenty to see in Avila, the only question is – what are your interests? Among other things, there is also the Museum of Mysticism which is constructed to pay tribute to Moshe de Leon.

Hidden Places of Spain that you must See

To Conclude

No matter how many days you’re prepared to spend exploring Spain, you couldn’t visit all of the hidden places that this country has to offer. This is exactly why you should choose a couple of them that seem most interesting (although all of the above-mentioned places are quite rich in history and thus should be considered interesting) or worthwhile of your time spent in that country.

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14 thoughts on “Hidden Places of Spain That You Must See

  1. Sign me up for any of these, especially Salamanca. I’ve only done the Costa Brava and Barcelona area of Spain, but I’m totally missing out. The Moorish architecture of the south is just calling me. I’d love to see more (plus eat all the ham!).

  2. Oh, Andalucia is still on my bucket list, so I get mesmerized every time I see photos of Cordoba! The Mezquita-Catedral is one true work of art. I can just picture myself walking around trying to count the columns and evoking all those things I read about the place. 🙂
    You got me thinking about Tarragona though. I didn’t even consider visiting when I go back to Spain, but it seems like the place I’d love. Rich in history and with a glass of wine or two. Oh, yes, please! 🙂

  3. I know Salamanca and Avila well – you should visit Cuenca too if you are in that part of Spain again – the most amazing hanging houses. Merida is on my wish list as is Tarragona! I need a extra life to get to everywhere I want to see!

  4. Tarragona looks especially intriguing. I’ve not seen a red and white striped design like that on such a historic building. I’d love to know if it has a significant meaning or purpose.

  5. These are great places to visit in Spain – I’m personally looking forward to getting to Merida at some stage; I love the history and the Roman architecture – it’s quite incredible to think how far the Roman Empire stretched during the height of it’s day!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this great article about Spain. Spain look like such a fascinating place, This is very interesting and amazing places to visit.

  7. I’ve only visited one of those cities, and skipped another because it wasn’t on my drive route. However, Spain is rich with history, architecture, and culture. My 10 weeks travelling in Spain did not disappoint. Your city picks just give me more incentive to return and explore further.

  8. Merida has been long on my list because of the importance in Roman history, and you’ve convinced me I’ve got to go! That said I’ve heard a lot about Cordoba too and Mezquita-Catedral looks completely stunning. Cannot wait to explore more of Spain this year, so many hidden gems to uncover!

  9. All these places would be on my list now that I have read this post. So much of history and heritage to check out. Especially Merida. All those castles and cathedrals look stunning. Cordoba is something that a friend had covered and after her description, it went straight into my list.

  10. I love Spain, I spent a few years living here although I didn’t explore half as much as I should have done! I really want to go to Cordoba, it looks stunning. I have been to Tarragona and loved it, I took the train from Barcelona and loved exploring the Roman ruins there – definitely worth a visit!

  11. Being passionate about history, we found this fascinating. Merida looks really intriguing. Another place that fascinates me is Salamanca. The university reminds me of the ancient university of Taxila in India. What a wonderful place. And of course, Avila is a well-known gem.

  12. Lovely picks. Just lover the Moorish influence and aura of southern Spain. It just offers you the best of both east and west. Also, the rugged terrain in these areas are completely different from what we generally think of Europe, which makes it even more exotic.

  13. Sign me up! I would love to visit any of these places, but Avila tops my list. It looks gorgeous. I could definitely spend a month traveling in Spain and still not see it all!

  14. All these places sound incredible, hopefully will tick a few off my list next time I’m in Spain. I’ve only ever heard incredible things about Salamanca!

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