My Night in a Haunted Castle

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Airth Castle in Falkirk, Scotland

You can already tell it’s haunted can’t you?  About half way between Glasgow and Edinburgh, you’ll find Airth Castle in Falkirk, Scotland. This castle-turned-hotel-and-spa boasts around 500 years of history, which naturally means 500 years of ghosts!!!  That is, at least according to their Wikipedia page.

Airth Castle in Falkirk, Scotland

I booked a room at the Airth Castle online and requested their “most haunted room”, it was more than a little embarrassing at check-in.  The lady at the front desk read my request aloud and giggled a bit.  She insists none of the rooms are haunted, but I got room 9 (see aforementioned wiki article)!

Airth Castle in Falkirk, Scotland

I am sad to report that, aside from a faint burning smell that may have been unrelated, no ghosts made themselves known this time.

On the other hand, I’m very happy to report that these sweet digs were actually the most affordable I found during my entire stay in Scotland (couchsurfing aside).

Airth Castle in Falkirk, Scotland

Airth Castle in Falkirk, Scotland

Airth Castle in Falkirk, Scotland

Airth Castle in Falkirk, Scotland

The Airth Castle Hotel offers stays on Sunday nights for 10 GBP/person!  I, of course, jumped on this insanely great deal.  It should be noted however, that there are two separate buildings; the castle, and a newer hotel on the grounds. The cheaper rooms are in the newer section, which many people prefer.  It is more modern and updated and also closer to the spa and restaurant, and presumably ghost free if that’s you’re thing.  The castle itself will cost you a bit more and is a short walk from all of the action at the hotel, but I didn’t come to Scotland to sleep in the building next to a 16th century castle!  The upgraded castle suite still only set me back 55 GBP, which is well worth it in my opinion.

Airth Castle Hotel in Falkirk, Scotland

If you look at the website for Airth Castle, you’ll find several package deals which include meals.  There is a restaurant on site and many of their packages include breakfast and/or dinner.  The package I purchased was at an incredible discount and did not include any meals, but I dined in the restaurant anyway and had a lovely meal (and my 800th Sticky Toffee Pudding of the trip).

Sea Bass over rice noodles at the Grill Room at the Airth Castle Hotel in Falkirk, Scotland

(Pictured is the Sea Bass over Rice Noodles)

Airth Castle is a popular event venue,  as evidenced by the lively Scottish wedding at the hotel the night I was there that kept business at the bar into the night.  The bartender was a very friendly guy who introduced me to my new favorite Scotch (new and old favorite, I never much cared for Scotch before) Laphroaig 18.  It’s a glass full of peaty goodness.  Turns out I only like smokey “peaty” Scotch… and even still I may only like it in Scotland.

While my first, and so far only, night in a haunted castle turned out to be not all that haunted (for me at least), I still highly recommend checking out Airth Castle if you’re in the area.  The value for the price is unbeatable and if you have a car it’s easy access to Glasgow, Edinburgh, or Stirling.  Staying in a castle, with or without ghosts, is pretty exciting (though I’m still bummed I didn’t meet the dog).

Airth Castle Hotel in Falkirk, Scotland

No one sees any ghost dogs right?

Airth Castle Hotel in Falkirk, Scotland


I was helped in the planning of this trip by Colin Mairs of Excursion Scotland.  As well as guided tours in 4 languages, Excursion Scotland offers a travel consulting service to help you plan your perfect self-guided tour of Scotland.  Learn more at and on Facebook at .

19 thoughts on “My Night in a Haunted Castle

  1. This looks amazing! I’m never sure about “haunted” places, but I wouldn’t care because it looks like a beautiful and comfortable place to stay. And that Sunday night rate! How can you beat that?!

  2. This is the best! We stayed in a castle like this for one night on our Scotland trip, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name right now…. I keep thinking Edinborough Castle, but that can’t be right hahaha. So fun!

    • Mags

      I need the name of your travel agent if you stayed in Edinburgh Castle! That would be amazing!

  3. Lol this was hilarious! It kind of reminded me of The Shining but thankfully there were no ghosts! Thank goodness!

  4. wow, that’s a great place! My first thought when I saw your pictures was: “I want to do the same!”. 🙂

  5. The wallpaper has to go, but the room looks really nice. I do think the door looks a bit creepy. Sorry to hear the ghosts didn’t show up!

  6. Ok, this really is a steal for such a nice place but….Maaaan! I was really excited to read about your first hand experience with ghosts!

  7. I like laphroaigh too! Scotland is incredibly good value…I’m glad you had a great time!

  8. I’d choose the castle over the new building as well.
    It’s a bit of a pity no ghost appeared in your room – that would be the story to tell 😀

  9. Oooooh I love haunted places! I want to visit.

  10. What an interesting place to stay, I can’t believe how cheap it was for such a historical place! I’m in Scotland in June next year I may need to check this place out. I’m not sure whether I would be relieved to not see any ghosts or would be dying to see something whilst I was there. Couldn’t guarantee I would sleep though haha!

  11. Didn’t expect a hotel room for just GBP10! However yes, GBP55 seems nominal if you’re staying in a suite in a castle. Would love to stay at this palace although I’m not too sure about requesting specific rooms which are reportedly haunted. My brain would probably go on an overdrive at night, leaving me restless and sleepless, haha!

  12. Joe

    No ghosts that I can see! I love visiting castles! I always make it a part of my trip, especially when in Europe!
    Joe recently posted…Mobile Photography: Creative ExposureMy Profile

  13. Oh wow what a beautiful location to stay. I love the fact that you asked for the most haunted room!

  14. GhostHunter044

    I just wanted to post a comment. We stayed in Room 23 and it was not only haunted, but scared the living you know what out of us. I actually filmed 2 orbs in motion … in front of me …my goal was to stay in one of the haunted rooms — and to our surprise — we got what we came for. The two-three orbs (just like what you see on TV) … when they were sick of me, actually flew right through our front door to leave. No one will ever convince me that this place is not haunted. Its very creepy and haunted when you see 2-3 orbs flying in front of your face. I believe they were the nanny and children. This happened around 11:00-11:30 PM and yes, it was witnessed. I wasn’t allowed to post my review on Trip Advisor (as I am doing now), it was a very short version of “yes, the place is haunted.” It just so happens that the “entities” came back just after midnight to play on my husbands computer nearly wrecking it – so – I had to get up and go and unplug the thing. I am currently writing a book – tell all – I seek haunted locations and have enough for 4 books. Call me a ghost whisper’er. I’m sorry – you were in one of the haunted rooms – but – it wasn’t enough of an experience for you that night. Next time, stay in Room 23.

  15. Richard

    Hi I stayed in room 9 this weekend at my sisters wedding I found it odd that my room price was £40 cheaper than everyone else’s and was quite spooked the night after to find out the history of that room.i spoke to The master of ceremonies Hugh who has been stationed there for 30 years, I asked him if there was any truth behind the presence of spirits in the castle, he said “absolutely sir” as he pointed to my room ” see that room there, that used to be the nursery where two children ( could be Sarah and Michael) were caught in a fire and the governess Mary tried to save them but also fell to the fire” ( may have something to do with that burning smell) there was also a man that checked into that room late at night himself and went for a shower, when he came out there was a lady sitting on his bed and asked ” excuse me kind sir, have you seen the children”. The only thing I got was though, when I was about to leave the room to check out, we said “bye room” and the bathroom door which I can assure you was completely closed slowly creaked open we looked at each other and got out quicker than you can say my name which is why I asked Hugh in the first place. I really enjoyed my stay thought super venue and would recommend to anyone.i won’t be sleeping in room 9 again though haha.

  16. Elaine Graham

    Just stayed at Airth in the new building. My husband and I visited the castle before we left for home. We both took photos of the drawing room with a painting of a young woman. My husband’s camera flashed several times although he didn’t take these photos (unless it was on automatic timer). When we went outside and looked at our photos they had vanished, all of them taken in the castle! We went back in and took more and again there were none in my husband’s camera. I went back with his camera and the photos stayed this time! We walked around the castle and when we walked past the front I heard for a few seconds the sound of a child’s musical/jewellery box.

    • Mags

      I’m so jealous! That’s all I want from a haunted castle stay!

  17. Davies

    Myself and my partner recently stayed at airth castle and we got room no 9 in the castle, I didnt get to see the room as I felt an awful feeling on entering the building and only got as far as the stairwell before experiencing an overwhelming feeling of oppression. My boyfriend didnt feel it and thought I was overthinking things but I refused to stay there! We move to the newer part of the hotel but I felt awful in that room and we left the next day.
    When we arrived at our new hotel I googled Airth castle room no 9 and its apparently haunted! I’m so glad I trusted my instincts..

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