5 Things You Must Do In Berlin

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I’ve written about it before, but Berlin really stole my heart.  I wasn’t expecting to love this city, but now I can’t wait to get back.  It’s hard to limit this list to just 5 things, but you fine people don’t have time for a list of 100 right?  So here it goes, 5 (of the 100) things you must do while in Berlin.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany

1- Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is probably the most notable Berlin landmark and as such can’t be missed.  Built in the later 1700s, the Brandenburg Gate has certainly seen some changes in Berlin, including several wars and regime changes.  Throughout it all, the Brandenburg Gate has remained a symbol of Berlin and one of the most famous icons in Germany.  It’s even the sight of President Reagan’s famous speech imploring Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.”

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, Germany

2- The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

This is a relative new-comer to the face of Berlin, paying homage to the senselessness of the holocaust.  The designer of the memorial has not commented on the exact meaning, other than it’s open to individual interpretation, though many people have likened the appearance to a cemetery.  The monument is interactive and people are welcome to wander through at their own pace, or bring a book and stay for a few hours.  Wandering through the disorienting stone pillars is certainly a must experience in Berlin.

Experience The Wall, a 360 degree panorama experience about the Berlin Wall by artist Yadegar Asisi in Berlin, Germany

3- The Berlin Wall

This is such a powerful, bizarre, and alarmingly recent part of German history that you simply can’t miss in Berlin.  Literally, it’s remnants are all over the city so you actually can’t miss it.  You can even take a bit of it home if you’d like.  If you’d really like to be transported to life in the divided city, the artist Yadegar Asisi has created “The Wall“, and interactive 360 panorama experience.  Step inside and experience the sights and sounds of 1980s Berlin.

The Reichtag Building in Berlin, Germany

4- Reichstag Building

The Reichstag Building is the second most visited attraction in all of Berlin.  The stunning architecture is noticeable right away.  Though it was constructed in the 1800s as a government building, it spent much of it’s life in disrepair.  It opened in 1894 and was in use until a mysterious fire in 1933 under the Nazi regime.  Even after the war was over, the building remained empty.  In the 1960s there was a push to restore the building as a historical landmark, but it would not serve any real purpose until 1990 when the building hosted the reunification ceremony and parliament moved back in for the first time since the war.  The building now serves as a symbol of unified Germany and is open to visitors (after very thorough security checks).  The new addition of the glass dome when the building reopened in the ’90s offers visitors both views of parliament in action and stunning city skylines.  There is even restaurant atop the Reichstag offering gorgeous rooftop views of the city.

Doner Kebab at Mustafas in Berlin, Germany

Photo Credit: FrugalGlutton.com

5- Eat!

That’s the best thing to do in any city right?  While most traditional “German” cuisine is found in the South, Berlin is a foodie city in it’s own right.  Perhaps most famous for the Donor Kabob (particularly at Mustafas) and Currywurst (so famous there’s even a museum dedicated to it), Berlin’s unique history and melting pot of immigrants has lead to a variety of amazing international foods.  My personal favorite restaurant there is Fez Turkish BBQ.  Check it out and thank me later!

The Weinmester Hotel in Berlin, Germany

If you’re inspired to experience Berlin for yourself, check out hotels in Berlin on Expedia.  There are a variety of accommodations  for every type of traveler and the prices tend to be very reasonable, especially for a European capital.  I can personally recommend The Weinmeister Hotel in Mitte.  It’s a really cool modern hotel that pays homage to Berlin’s street art culture and once gave me a hot dog when I came back late at night.


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15 thoughts on “5 Things You Must Do In Berlin

  1. There’s so much to do and see in Berlin, but you’ve definitely given a good overview of the highlights here!

  2. Fez Turkish BBQ- I’m sold! I didn’t realize it had such an international food scene. Germany is on my list, but I haven’t really thought about Berlin. Looks like I need to rethink that. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I wished I had the time to visit the new dome of the Reichstag, there was a very long line and it was raining outside so I didn’t want to be miserable….I’ll have to come back again on a sunny day in Berlin.

  4. These five things definitely sound like “must do’s” when visiting. Especially the Berlin Wall! I’m sure that some of these places were very somber and humbling, especially the memorial to the murdered Jews in Europe.

  5. I keep wondering how high to put Berlin on our European tour list. There is evidently a lot of history there and the town appears free from cliche tourist traps. This certainly allows the history to come through on its own accord.

  6. I love that the food photo you included was Doner Kabob! I’ve had the Currywurst, but I can’t say I’ve had doner in Germany before. I think you picked out the best 5 things to do there. It’s such a history-laden place that the big ornate buildings are fascinating to look at. and of course you can go there without seeing the sight of the Berlin Wall.

  7. I’m quite interested in Berlin for the art scene. I think it would be a great city to hang out in.

  8. I love when you don’t have expectations of a place and it steals your heart. I’d love to visit Berlin. I love a city rich in history and with an international food scene. The interactive Wall exhibit looks very interesting. I’d love to check it out.

  9. I’m planning a trip to Germany and this comes in handy!

  10. Great post, I agree with all of this.

    The only thing I wished I’d done in Berlin was bought a piece of the wall! I really wanted to when I was out there but couldn’t find anywhere that sold it!

  11. Germany is the only West European country that I haven’t been to and I really don’t know why. However, lately I’ve been reading more and more about it and been wanting to go there. Berlin is surely top of the list for me now, and the list here sure would come in handy!

  12. That currywurst looks simply delicious…didn’t know there was a museum dedicated to it though. Sadly, I have not been to Berlin yet and the more I read about it and see your wonderful pictures, I’m really intrigued. Thanks for the added inspiration.

  13. Great list! There is so much history in Berlin (albeit a little bit dark) and I would add that one must see at least one of the museums that speak to that history. There’s the Stasi Museum and also Topography of Terror. For art, the Pergamon Museum was a stunning surprise!

  14. I recently went to Berlin and absolutely adored it. The first thing we did was eat followed by a trip to Brandenburg Gate and then the wall. Was a very good trip!

  15. The Berlin wall tops in my list! So much of history!
    The memorial to Jews seems so sad. Looks like an easy list to complete if I am there.

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