London’s Heathrow Airport Has The Amenities of an Upscale Mall

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Much has been said about traveling to London. Whether it be the cool climate, or the various ways to save some money, almost everyone has seen and heard all the details about the United Kingdom’s busiest city and the biggest of it’s airports, Heathrow. Often, people are overwhelmed by the magnitude of Heathrow and lose sight of the minor details and specifics that provide the utmost comfort and peace of mind.

Tower Bridge in London

Arguably the busiest landing field in all of Europe, Heathrow Airport has five terminals spanning a colossal 1,227 hectares on the outskirts of London. On average, the airport sees about 1,286 flights come and go every day, with 82 airlines flying to 180 destinations in 85 countries. So you can see how easy to get lost inside the majesty of Heathrow.  That’s why from top to bottom, it’s best for passengers to learn the ins and outs of navigating through the airport ahead of their departure.

I love London!

First order of business, especially for travelers who drive to the airport, is parking. One has to know the type of space they need. UK-based parking comparison website, Parking4Less, classifies the different categories as short and long stay, meet and greet and valet, and business parking. There’s also an alternative option called ‘hotels with parking’ that books passengers to one of the specifically selected hotels at Heathrow. Ideally, to get a good spot and save precious time, people should pre-book their parking as early as possible.

London, England

Once parked, then the real fun begins.  Inside of Heathrow, the sky’s the limit, particularly on the other side of security. Passengers who have Wi-Fi ready devices are given about 45 minutes of free Internet. Heathrow Rewards members, on the other hand, can go online for an hour and a half free of charge. The airport also offers a pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi after consuming the allotted free time, but not to worry.  Spending time surfing the web doesn’t seem quite as appealing as exploring this mega-airport.

London's Heatrow Airport has all of the amenities of an upscale shopping mall

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Being in one of the top airports in the world sure has its perks, Heathrow boasts a fantastic range of lounge areas, topnotch restaurants, and luxury shopping boutiques. For a reasonable fee, travelers can unwind with complimentary drinks and snacks in the Servisair Executive Lounge. In terms of food, the airport offers an array of choices from affordable yet delectable snacks to high-end cuisines.
Passengers even get to do a little shopping in premium retail stores such as Alexander McQueen, Hermes, and Tiffany & Co. to name a few.  With a selection of shops to rival any mall, no one will ever suspect all of their gifts and souvenirs came from an airport.

Beautiful London

When everything’s said and done, Heathrow is a wonderful airport. Heathrow Airport is just like a huge shopping mall without any of the intimidation. There are certainly worse ways to spend a layover!


This an affiliate post, but as always, I stand behind all opinions 100%.

13 thoughts on “London’s Heathrow Airport Has The Amenities of an Upscale Mall

  1. I love how this airport provide a lot of things to do. It would be an airport I would like my layover to be. Some airports have nothing and having a 12 hour lay over is just bad but then with this, its all good.

  2. The airport lounges at Heathrow are pretty good too actually. I tried them a few times and it is only GBP15 or so to get in. Well worth it if you have a long layover in particular.

  3. I’m actually really glad that I never had a flight at Heathrow – it’s just so big, I would probably go lost! 😀

  4. I actually can’t stand Heathrow because it is so huge and just feels like a constant mall trying to get sold on something! However, you are right, there is a phenomenal lounge (Aspire-T5) for Travel Hackers and people w/ status or business/first class tickets! Nothing like getting free food in a crazy expensive airport!

  5. Heathrow is one of my favourite airports because you can always find something to do with your time. I really like the food selection as well.

  6. Its great to have things to do in an airport, instead of waiting with no options. Not complaining!

  7. Interesting post. Usually we’re just passing through, arriving, departing, we never think about the airport itself. I’ve passed through Heathrow several times and it is massive.

  8. It’s been a long time since I’ve been at Heathrow. Seems if I connect in London, it’s always at Gatwick. I wonder how much Heathrow has changed since I was there many years ago. I don’t remember if it was as interesting as it seems to be now.

  9. Wow… so cool. I cannt imagine that an airportcan offer so much.
    London is my ultimate bucket list destination. Thanks for giving another reason to be there.

  10. Heathrow is definitely my favourite Airport in London. Gatwick comes close second though.

  11. I have never thought of Heathrow as a place with top notch shops and restaurants, but I guess you are right. I have used this airport only twice, while flying to and from Kuala Lumpur and it was quite a stressful/tiring experience, so I didn’t really look at it in this way.

  12. Heathrow is one of my favourite airports because you can always find something to do with your time. I really like the food selection as well. All in all solid post!

  13. Heathrow is my favorite airport because it provide so many facilities to their clients.and Gatwick come close second through.

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