Savor Summer Like a Swede in Nynäshamn

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It’s a pretty well known fact that Sweden can get pretty cold.  That means that the second it finally gets a little bit warm in the summer, city dwellers evacuate Stockholm and head for the shore.  The Stockholm Archipelago start just outside the city and consist of close to 30,000 small islands.  About 60 km South of the city you’ll find Nynäshamn, one of the most easily accessible archipelago since there’s no need for a boat to reach it from Stockholm.

Nynäs Havsbad in Nynäshamn, Sweden (60km South of Stockholm)

During the warmer summer months many of the businesses in Stockholm close or have limited hours due to many of the residents being away, so there’s no need to worry about missing out on the big city.  There’s plenty to see, do, and most importantly eat, in Nynäshamn.

Craft Beer

Landsort Lager at Ångbryggeri in Nynashamn, Sweden

 Ångbryggeri (or steam brewery for the non-Nordic) has been brewing beer since 1997, way before the craft beer crazy.  They’ve since won several awards for their brews and even partnered with American craft brewery, Dogfish Head.  Ångbryggeri offers tours of their brewery and tastings in their tap room.  It’s a great place to stop before a day on the water.

See How the Sausage is Made

Sorunda Korvfabrik (Sausage Factory) in Nynashamn outside of Stockholm, Sweden

I know, I know, you’re not supposed to do that, but I promise you won’t mind at the Sorunda Korvfabrik (Sausage Factory).  The Sorunda Korvfabrik is a family operation providing award winning sausages of all kinds to the Stockholm Archipelago and surrounding areas.  I wouldn’t recommend a visit to the factory to vegetarians, but if you like a good sausage, there’s something almost hypnotic about watching the process.  Who doesn’t love a factory tour… oh, and of course there are samples!

Smoked Fish

Smoked fish at Nynäs Rökeri in the Stockholm Archipelago of Nynäshamn, Sweden

Perhaps the most famous of Scandinavian delicacies is smoked fish.  Of course I’ve had smoked salmon (though rarely as good as this), but at Nynäs Rökeri, they smoke any and all manner of seafood.  This was my first experience with smoked shrimp, and I have to say I’m a fan.  I can see why they were selling them by the bag full.  The fish shop sells hot and cold smoked fish and shellfish of every flavor and variety as well as a few different types of pickled herring.  I’ve never been a picked herring fan, something about a pickled fish is a bit of a turn off for me, but their curry apple pickled herring has totally changed my mind!  If you’re anywhere near Stockholm, it’s worth a visit to Nynäshamn just for this fish!


Sorundatårta, a traditional cake in Nynäshamn, Sweden. The recipe is a secret passed down from mother to daughter for generations.

Finish your day of savory fish and sausages with something sweet.  You can’t leave Nynäshamn without trying the Sorundatårta because you may not get another chance!  This cake is native to the area and each one is unique.  Passed down from mother to daughter for generations, every family’s Sorundatårta recipe is different.  The only constant you’ll find is the ornate design on top (though, those vary too), and the filling of either apple sauce or prune jam.  Originally the Sorundatårta was saved for special occasions, but being in Nynäshamn is occasion enough.  The Visit Nynäshamn website has a few different places to have a slice of Sorundatårta.  Why not try them all and compare.  No two are alike!

Head to the Water

The spa at Nynäs Havsbad in Nynäshamn, Sweden (60km South of Stockholm)

End your day in Nynäshamn like any good Swede would.   Appreciate that the water is not frozen and find a beach, or better yet a spa!  Nynäs Havsbad has both!  Relax in the warm waters of the spa, over looking the much colder (but still somehow warm enough if you’re Swedish) waters below and enjoy the midnight sun.   Not a bad way to spend a day outside of the city.

Savor Summer Like A Swede in Stockholm's Nynäshamn Archipelago - Mags on the Move

A view worth leaving the city for!

I was graciously hosted by Visit Stockholm on this archipelago adventure, but as always opinions are my own.










39 thoughts on “Savor Summer Like a Swede in Nynäshamn

  1. Swedes love the summer just as we Canadians do … time is short, you have to make the most of it!

  2. We really wish to go to Sweden someday! And I totally understand the heat thing, because when it was so cold in Europe I was so excited to feel a little bit of warmth in my country again haha.

  3. Wow- that cake is beautiful! 🙂 And I would be all about the smoked fish and shrimp! What a tasty little getaway from Stockholm.

  4. Looks like you has a lot of fun in Sweden. I am originally from Finland, and we used to take a ferry from Turku to Stockholm every summer. It was so much fun and it is such a beautiful city. I have never been in Nynäshamn though. Oh, I miss smoked fish… mmm.

  5. These pictures sums up the reasons why I want to visit Sweden!!

  6. Great pictures! I wish I could be there right now.
    Melanie Smith recently posted…Brownie Fudge Cupcakes. Best Recipe EVER!My Profile

  7. I never knew how sausage was made. It looks cool how they hang it.

  8. I wish I could visit Sweden! It looks super pretty <3

    Sandy a la Mode

  9. That really is a beautiful cake, the ornate design is very special and so are the views.

  10. I’m especially excited to try the sweet cake. IT’s absolutely beautiful!

  11. These pictures are beautiful, I really wish I could visit Sweden right now/

  12. What a fun trip you had! I love the spa, what I wouldn’t do to be in there right now! 😉 Interesting to see how sausage is made. I would have enjoyed that.

  13. That looks like a beautiful and relaxing place to visit. And that desert looks amazing!

  14. This looks like a beautiful place to visit. The food looks amazing and that cake! Oh my!

  15. Carol Colborn

    Took a cruise that showed us how many bath spas there were around Stockholm but didn’t know there was good food associated with them, too. Would have loved to taste smoked shrimp.

  16. Sweden is still on my bucket list. The pictures look amazing. And that spa on the water-side, amazing! Would love to experience that.

  17. Tami

    I find it interesting to see how food, like the sausage, is made. I worked in a meat plant once and learned a few things.

  18. The Sorunda Korvfabrik sounds like a fun visit (we are not really into beer). I’d also try the Visit Nynäshamn – looks yummy!

  19. Ann Bacciaglia

    Sweden looks so beautiful. It is at the top of my travel bucket list. These are great photos.

  20. Summer like a Swede is a lot like Summer like a Minnesotan! There are a lot of similarities!

  21. Relaxing in warm waters at the end of a busy day is definitely a great way to end it. Great photos!

  22. Elizabeth O.

    That would be a summer well spent, so much things to do and learn in Nynashamn! And what’s even better is the fantastic view that comes with it. The place is relaxing and breathtaking!

  23. What a nice place to stay and so many things to do. I would love to see how the sausages are made!

  24. Those smoked shrimp are delicious! I really liked the archipelago culture in Sweden and Nynashamn looks like a perfect escape from the city. Compared to summer in the northeast where it’s far too hot and humid, I loved the dry, comfortable climate during Sweden’s summer.

  25. We’ve never been to Sweden but it sure looks lovely in the summer. Love all the sausages , sea food and beer. Perfect combo!

  26. Christina Aliperti

    This looks like so much fun. I would love the tours and the samples of the sausages of course. Wonderful trip!

  27. Thanks for sharing and seems there’s a lot of places to explore in Stockholm! @

  28. Definitely looks like a great way to spend a day outside of the city! I’m bummed we didn’t make it out to any of the islands when we were in Stockholm. Guess we need to go back 🙂 I would love to check out the craft beer and Sorundatårta–yum!

  29. I’m dying to go to Sweden! Summer would be ideal, but I could do winter, too. I want to taste the Sorundatårta, though I’ll pass on the smoked fish.

  30. Looks like a great place to explore with the whole family. That sausage is enormous!

    Mhaan |

  31. It looks like an amazing place! I like how you got to see the sausage made, it looks like a plastic toy in the picture but I bet it was delicious! great post 🙂

  32. Sweden’s great country with lots of beautiful places and don’t get me started with their rich history and culture. This place is great for another visit and I like that it can be reached fairly easy from Stockholm.

  33. I’m dying to visit Sweden and this is why! Such a beautiful area!!

  34. Regrettably, I haven’t had the chance to visit Sweden yet and it’s the only Nordic country left that I haven’t been to! It looks absolutely gorgeous.

  35. Leigh Anne Borders

    I would so love to visit Sweden one day. It looks so beautiful!

  36. Why is summer over?! What a beautiful part of the world. Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂
    Lauren Meshkin @BonVoyageLauren recently posted…Where To Stay In Edinburgh: A 15th Century TownhouseMy Profile

  37. Loved that the first thing on your list is the craft beer! I’m a big craft beer fan and loving discovering new breweries, tastes and beer flavors around the world.

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  39. My daughter moved over there about a year ago. My granddaughter was born there. She loves it! I’ve gotten thousands of photos from there and it is beautiful!

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