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I’m Back and I Learned to Live Authentic

Hey, I missed you guys!  I thought this would be a good time to return and explain my absence and abundance of guest posts recently.  I’ve had a couple of events that have really facilitated some personal and professional reflection, and getting back into the grind has honestly been a little difficult.  Doing stuff is…

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A Mini Guide to the Best Road Trip!

*Guest Post* Road trips are essential! They keep you fresh and ready to take on the challenges you face in your daily life by giving you some extra time for relaxation, exploring nature and spending quality time with your loved ones. However, when it comes to turning your trip into a memorable experience; everybody has…

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How to Spend a Perfect Day in Trieste, Italy

*Disclosure; this is a guest post by Anna Kay of Anna Kay is an avid traveler and photographer, editor and social media manager at She loves exploring and island-hopping across the Mediterranean, and can also be found on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. How to Spend a Perfect Day in Trieste, Italy Trieste’s pretty…

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