Is This The Sexiest WC On Earth?

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I decided not to do a “year in review” this year since my last post was so self indulgent.  Instead I’m gifting you with a glimpse into one of my favorite things I did in 2017, and maybe save you a Euro in the process.  Just kidding, when you have the opportunity to spend 1 Euro on the (adjective)iest anything, you do it!

The sexiest WC on earth in Lisbon, Portugal

There are plenty of reasons to visit Lisbon; good food, gorgeous views, finally getting to take your sweater off after 2 weeks in snowy Romania (and then put it back on the second the sun goes down because Lisbon gets surprisingly cold at night)… but for some reason this bathroom is somewhat of a hidden gem, at least I’d never heard of it.  I ended up in Lisbon unexpectedly for only 24 hours after a frustrating airline mix up, so it was hardly enough time to experience the city.  I know I’m a sucker for a wacky tourist trap but from my limited experience, I can say that The Sexiest WC on Earth is probably the top attraction in town (shortly followed by happy hour caipirinhas, roof top bars, and the sweater I got for 3 Euros at H&M).

The sexiest WC on Earth in Lisbon

Fairies and free wifi are both VERY sexy

The Sexiest WC on Earth is a lofty claim and a brilliant marketing ploy (it sucked me right in).  So who are these Renova characters behind it all?  I have to admit that even after visiting this sexiest of bathrooms, I had to look up Renova just right now.  Most of the hits are for a topical prescription medications for wrinkles or acne or something which is concerning, but digging a bit deeper I found out they are a Portuguese company making unquestionably sexy toilet paper.

The sexiest WC on Earth in Lisbon

After your fairy bathroom-mother collects you (and your money) from the entrance, you are lead to a wall of sexy colored toilet papers. I’m a sucker for purple.  After picking your favorite color, it’s time for the main attraction.  The stalls are roomy, wood paneled, and most importantly and sexy, clean! (A pleasant rarity in a pay toilet).

The sexiest WC on Earth in Lisbon

Now that’s a sexy bathroom!

To end your thoroughly sexy bathroom experience, at the exit of The Sexiest WC on Earth you’ll find a large yellow sink surrounded by scantily clad athletes and contortionist.

The sexiest WC on Earth in Lisbon

If there is a sexier bathroom out there somewhere, I haven’t seen it and 1 Euro is a small price to pay for a clean bathroom in the city center.  I now I’ve paid more for grosser.  I don’t know if I’d plan a trip around it (but I might), however if you find yourself in Lisbon, The Sexiest WC in the World is definitely worth a visit.

The sexiest WC on Earth in Lisbon


20 thoughts on “Is This The Sexiest WC On Earth?

  1. 2017 IS the year I realized the importance of bathrooms in my travel life. I would so plan a trip to Lisbon around this.

  2. Katie

    Oh my god, this is hilarious!! I’ve definitely paid more than a Euro for way worse toilets, this is a great idea haha

  3. We have been to some awful WC’s in our time so we would drop a Euro to drop a duce anytime. FWIW Singapore has some fantastic toilets but my favorite is probably the open air pit pot on Horseshoe Mesa in the Grand Canyon. The facility is pretty barren but the view (btw, there is no door) is fantastic.

  4. Perhaps it’s the sexiest toilet but I think it’s one of oddest tourist spots I’ve seen. I think my daughter might be with you on which TP colour to choose but I’ve got an eye on that sink. Thanks for a (unoccupied) look inside 🙂

  5. Sexy and bathroom aren’t usually a pair…well, not solo anyway. This is brilliant and I can see why it’s in your top 2017 experiences. Keep going. Love your posts.

  6. What a random claim! I love that wall of toilet paper though so if I’m in the area I’d definitely go check it out. 1 euro definitely isn’t bad for a washroom.

  7. Love the colorful toilet paper. Not sure if that is that sexiest toilet but sure is quirky. Regardless – worth the 1 euro for sure.

  8. I like the different color toilet paper lol. It looks kinda cool. Interesting thing to tour around.

  9. A bathroom that lets you pick your choice of colored toilet paper! I love it! If I am in Lisbon I might just have to go out of my way to see this for myself.

  10. Ha ha OMG too funny. I am so glad I have discovered this bathroom, best 1 Euro spent ever! I would go for purple or fuschia tp as well.

  11. Mark Wyld

    My wife dragged 2 rolls of purple toilet paper she bought their around Europe for 6 weeks after visiting this place lol

  12. Haha this is bizarre! I usually hate paying for toilets and tend to dive in Stabucks, but when you gotta go, you gotta go, and this looks like an awesome place to do it! I would have chosen purple paper too, it’s my fave colour 😀

  13. That’s so funny! Points on making something as mundane as a bathroom fun and interesting. How fun are the color paper rolls?

  14. The sexiest WC, huh? When I first saw this title, I thought, well WC is an unfortunate name since that’s another name for a bathroom… Nope, that’s what they meant! haha I love the wall of multi-colored TP! Crazy!

  15. I love it! We would have Easter egg looking toilet paper at my house all the time if it were on the market here. I can’t imagine it would be good for water systems though.

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  17. This is just too funny! I love it!!! You can pick your colored toilet paper and everything! We were in Lisbon for two weeks and never heard of this place. I really wish I had, because I would have definitely gone to experience it! one euro is nothing for the laughs I would get out of this place. I love that giant yellow sink, too!! I can’t believe they have a “fairy” come get you!

  18. Haha what a creative and unique post, I am impressed 🙂 I do love the colourful toilet paper 😀 I agree, 1 Euro is a small price to pay 😉

  19. This is just the kind of thing that will stick in my brain and eventually lead me to Lisbon! How was the seat? Sexy? I think that the actual loo would have to be pretty cool to beat Japanese seats! I love the idea of picking a cool coloured toilet roll though.

  20. It might well just be. I don;t recollect seeing anything like this ever. The only one that comes close is one I saw outside a Sydney airpor where they had toilet papers of different kind. It was so smooth and colorful it felt like silk. The experience was fantatsic and I even clicked some photos, LOL. Not something you do when you are in a restroom. but, this is great. Sharing on my FB feed…

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