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Denver is a great place to spend a luxurious weekend of fine dining and 5 star mountain lodges, but with so much natural beauty there is plenty to see and do on a shoe string budget as well.

~Red Rocks Ampitheatre~

Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Denver, CO

The Rocky Mountains are the most obvious freebie in Denver as they are everywhere you look, but check out Red Rocks Ampitheatre.  There are beautiful hiking trails and vistas over the rocks around it and when there is not a concert or event at the ampitheatre, there is a free visitors center and performers hall of fame.

~Denver Art Museum~

Denver Art Musueum (D.A.M.) in Denver, CO

Most of the time the Denver Art Museum charges a small (and well worth it) admission fee, but if you make it on the first Friday of the month then you can explore all seven floors of art from around the world for free!


Golden City Brewery in Golden, CO

Denver is chock full of breweries, many of them offering free tours.  The most famous of course is the Coors Brewery (technically in Golden, CO, but close enough!).  If Coors isn’t your thing though, there are literally dozens of smaller craft breweries to fit every taste within the city limits.  I was lucky enough to attend BruFrou and try many of them in one go, but I would love to go back and visit some of my favorites personally!

Those are three of the things I got to experience in my time in Denver, but there are loads of affordable and even free things to do in the Mile High City!  Check with the Visitors Bureau before your visit for more ideas!

28 thoughts on “3 For Free – Denver

  1. I’ve only been to Denver once and it was to visit family for a weekend. Didn’t get to do anything touristy – hopefully will have an opportunity to go back someday!

    • Mags

      This was my first time in Denver and I really loved it. I would definitely love to go back. Sometimes visiting people that live there is the best way to experience a town, you miss out on tourist sights, but get a better sense of how the locals live.

  2. I’d really like to travel to the US one day, and I will have to if I want to cross some top destinations from my bucket list 😉 I wouldn’t say no to a hike in the Rocky Mountains!!!!
    Eloise recently posted…Looking For Something Different In Paris? Try this…My Profile

    • Mags

      Rocky Mountains are definitely bucket list worthy. Living in Florida, I’m in awe of any mountains and these were just beautiful!

  3. When I visit Denver, hiking and paying a visit to the brewery will be first on my list! After reading this I suddenly fancy a Coors!
    anna recently posted…How to go on Adventures Without Leaving HomeMy Profile

    • Mags

      Anna, Golden, CO (where the Coors brewery is) was actually my favorite part of my trip to Denver, and best of all they do free tours and samples of Coors on the brewery tour!

  4. Mar

    Denver looks like a beer lovers paradise!
    Mar recently posted…A girl’s motorcycle ride through MongoliaMy Profile

    • Mags

      It sure is Mar, I drank more than I’d care to admit!

  5. I love Denver. The nature and the brewery…great combo!
    Erica recently posted…Where Are The Elephants In Goa Gajah?My Profile

    • Mags

      That’s what I’m talking about Erica! What else do you need?

  6. Great places to visit in Denver! I haven’t been to Denver and almost bought the tickets when it was on huge sale from Los Angeles but it got sold out >.< I'm looking out on that right now, haha. I love art! I can't believe it consists seven floors!! I have done at least 4 floors of art museum but 7?! It must be so huge!
    Stacey Valle recently posted…What You Can Ask When Meeting Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing PeopleMy Profile

    • Mags

      The museum is so so good! So is Denver! Keep an eye on Frontier airlines, they’ve been doing some crazy sales lately and they are based out of Denver!

  7. Great ideas Mags! The Rocky Mountains are my favorite part of Denver – we’re big outdoors people and we love trekking off the trail and exploring the mountainous wilderness! Some truly amazing natural scenery and it’s all for free!
    Meg Jerrard recently posted…A Traveler’s Guide to Immunizations: Which Vaccines You Need for Your TripMy Profile

    • Mags

      It was so beautiful there. I wish I were more prepared for hiking, but I was not. I did have to pull the car over a few times for some scenic outlooks.

  8. I STILL have yet to make it to Denver but I’ll get there soon for SURE! I’m ALL ABOUT free and cheap so you can bet I’ll be doing these things!
    Bobbi Gould recently posted…7 Quick Budget Travel TipsMy Profile

    • Mags

      Absolutely Bobbi, free travel is the best travel!

  9. I don’t drink so I guess, I just have to make do with 2 of the free options above. Hiking around Red Rocks Ampitheatre in the Rocky Mountains would be more than enough for me though! Been reading about Rocky Mountains since I was still in school!
    RaW | Ramble and Wander recently posted…Malaysia: 5 Places in Penang Which You Might Want to Skip But Probably Shouldn’tMy Profile

    • Mags

      The Rockies are plenty to see on their own, the beer is just an added bonus for those of us that drink 😉 but it’s certainly not necessary to have a good time in Denver.

  10. Ah, I’d signed up for an online marketing conference in Denver this year then had to cancel for a press trip to Budapest. I was so sorry not to be able to check out this wonderful town. At least it looks wonderful from what I’ve seen, especially now I know you can do things there for free!
    Wandering Carol recently posted…Celebrity Swag includes luxury travel and other stuffMy Profile

    • Mags

      Denver is great, but I definitely would have made the same choice, Carol! Budapest sounds amazing!

  11. Gem

    The visits to the breweries are so cool! Haven’t visited one. Are the drinks free or included in the initial payment?
    Gem recently posted…6 Budget-Friendly Eats in Cebu City for the Hungry CheapskateMy Profile

    • Mags

      It depends on the brewery. I’ve seen both, some offer free samples and some charge a small fee, but it’s usually very affordable.

  12. Done all of those things except the art museum. What did you think of the museum?
    Heather Simon recently posted…I finally saw the Northern Lights, photos and tips on how you can as wellMy Profile

    • Mags

      I loved the museum! It’s huge, but really well laid out so it’s easy to see everything. I wrote a more detailed piece about it at magsonthemove.com/d-a-m (sorry. Shameless plug)

  13. I’ve only stopped over in Denver, never had enough time to visit but I can’t wait to go!

    • Mags

      This was my first time out side of the airport myself, but I absolutely fell in love.

  14. The art museum look interesting. I might try to check it out before I leave Colorado.

    • Mags

      You definitely should, Jennifer. I was so surprised by the museum. It’s really one of the best art museums I’ve been to anywhere.

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