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There has been much buzz about Philadelphia since the City of Brotherly Love was named a UNESCO World Heritage City late last year.  Travelers have always visited Philly for a variety of reasons; history, sports, food (cheesesteak anyone?), but their new title as a World Heritage City is kind of a big deal.  In fact, they’re the first in the nation to receive this title.

The Dwight D. embodies the spirit of Philadelphia.  This city house hotel combines modern amenities, a respect and preservation of it’s history, and the warm, friendly atmosphere that earned the City of Brotherly Love it’s nickname.  Guests pay in advance for a stay at The Dwight D., so from the moment they arrive they are treated as expected house guests.

Dwight D., a city house hotel in Philadelphia, PA

The Dwight D. is perfectly situated on a quiet, mostly residential, street in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Philadelphia.  Close enough to walk just about anywhere you’d like to go, but tucked away from the noise and commotion of the city.

Owner, Vittoria Schutz, has used her years of interior design and contracting experience to lovingly restore the building, built in the 1840s, to it’s former glory as a charming living space.  The building had strayed far from it’s past as a residence and spent the past 100-some-odd years as an antique store, law offices, The Eisenhower Fellowship, and hair salon that left the building in various states of disrepair, though you wouldn’t know it to look at it now.

Vittoria came into possession of the property in 2012 and spent almost two years on the restoration before opening in July of 2014 for The Dwight D’s first guests, the touring company of The Phantom of the Opera.

The Dwight D., A City House Hotel in Philadephia, PA

Vittoria’s skills a designer are evident in the seamless intermingling of antique and modern furnishings and artwork throughout the common areas and guest rooms.

The Dwight D., A City House Hotel in Philadephia, PA

The Dwight D. is a unique boutique hotel experience for those who don’t want to stay in a sterile chain hotel, but seek more privacy than a hostel, traditional bed and breakfast, or airbnb.  There are common areas to read a newspaper or enjoy a coffee, from the Keurig machine provided in the hallway.

The Dwight D., A City House Hotel in Philadephia, PA

The Dwight D., A City House Hotel in Philadelpia, PA

Yet, all rooms are equipped with their own bathroom en suite, unlike the shared bathrooms you’ll find in many guest houses or hostels.

The Dwight D., A City House Hotel in Philadelpia, PA

Even if you value privacy on your vacation, I recommend venturing downstairs during business hours to chat with Vittoria and her husband Ken who are both full of great advice to help you see Philly like a local.

In fact, they recommended two of my favorite dining experiences of my entire stay.  Monk’s Cafe; a Belgian beer bare and cafe, conveniently located just a few doors down from the Dwight D.,

Monk's Cafe- Belgian Beer Emporium and Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA

and Talula’s Garden, a charming spot for craft cocktails, wine, and a seriously great cheese plate!

Talula's Garden in Philadelpia, PA

Talula's Garden in Philadelpia, PA

Talula's Garden in Philadelpia, PA

While Philadelphia was instrumental in the founding of The United States of America, the city retains a very European feel.  I mean, just look at their City Hall!

Philadephia CIty Hall

Philadephia CIty Hall

Starting this year, The Dwight D. will be bringing a little European luxury to their guests as they offer, for the first time in America, French perfume house Annick Goutal toiletries.

The Dwight D., A City House Hotel in Philadelpia, PA

(Sadly my stay was before they started offering Annick Goutal, but the old toiletries were nothing to scoff at!)

Vittoria’s passion for the property and the hospitality industry is evident in every detail of the Dwight D.  In her own words,

“If you do something with your heart, the rest will fall into place.”

With that philosophy, The Dwight D. is assured continued success.  I’m convinced there is no better way to feel a part of the city of Philadelphia than with a stay at The Dwight D.


I would like to thank Vittoria, Ken, and everyone at the Dwight D. for their hospitality in hosting me on my visit to Philadelphia, but as always all opinions are my own.








27 thoughts on “The Dwight D. – Stay Local in Philadelphia

  1. I didn’t know that Philadelphia was listed as UNESCO world heritage city, but now I know! And I love this hotel, it’s so unique and it’s easier to feel at home at places like this, it isn’t (s you mentioned) that sterile as the regular hotels around the world. Vittoria has done a great job with the restoration, tumb up for that. I will for sure have this in mind if we ever visit this city.

  2. I have never stayed at a boutique hotel but your post has got me interested. I don’t really like hotels because I find them cold but this place looks so cozy!

  3. What a beautiful hotel. I love boutique hotels like this that are steeped in history (although I’m always paranoid they are haunted haha!). Philadelphia is such a wonderfully historic place, you couldn’t stay in a chained hotel when hotels like this are available. I’d love to stay here when I eventually pass through Philadelphia, always good to bookmark for later 😉

  4. I have family in Philly and will be returning often. This looks like a great alternative to hotels indeed!

  5. Wow, this looks like an amazing hotel! I love the decor and how historic it looks! I would really like to visit Philly sometime–I’m going to have to put this hote and Talula’s Garden both on my list for sure!! Great find!

  6. Wow! When I saw the first pictures, I thought it was going to be a small homey hotel because of how cozy the room looks. That’s such a beautiful building!
    Erica recently posted…20 Things Harry Potter Teaches Us About Life, Adventures, And The WorldMy Profile

  7. Never been to Philadelphia but it seems this is a nice place to stay at 🙂 I always change my kind of traveling, sometimes I prefer big hotel chains, while sometimes I prefer boutique hotels like this, so good to keep in mind 🙂

  8. Wow, I have always wanted to visit Philadelphia and your article just reaffirmed this. I did not know about the UNESCO status, very interesting. I would definitely love to stay at the The Dwight D. I love history and I really admire all the work that went into preserving the historical building. The fact that it is so close to a Belgian Beer Bar is also enticing, as it’s by favorite style of beer 🙂 Bookmarking for a future trip, thanks!

  9. What an awesome looking hotel! I love staying at boutique hotels like this one – they are all so uniquely charming. I haven’t been to Philly yet, but it is such an intriguing city and I’d love to go there.

  10. It has been years since I was in Philly and I guess I didn’t ever see that awesome city hall. Wow, amazing. Your digs look good, too. Nice concept. I’m all for the cheesesteak.

  11. I had no idea that Philadelphia had been made a UNESCO world heritage city. This place looks cool and right up my street. Great photos. I love that city hall building. I need to visit now!
    Kate recently posted…The City That Throws Serious Shapes #LoveRotterdamMy Profile

  12. I went to Philly a few years ago and really loved it. There’s just so much history there! I think it’s great that Vittoria and her husband were able to restore everything and still add some modern touches. It all seems to flow really well.

  13. Love the look of this hotel! Philly is a fun city – my old friend some college lives there and I visit often. Would love to get my hands on that charcuterie board too!

  14. S

    Wow the city hall is magnificent! The hotel has such a nice retro and cozy feeling.

  15. I enjoy staying with locals, you learn a lot from them plus you get a resource person right away. Thanks for this, I will be heading to Philadelphia in July. I will consider this.

  16. What a great idea. We stay with locals all the time through couch surfing and we love it because we always get to know the city from a different perspective. I’m sure this experience was similar.

  17. I love historical buildings – what a fun experience to stay in one! Find it interesting that you pay in advance, too. I wonder why? I’m sure it would be fascinating to hear all about the restoration from the owners. This is one loved building!

  18. Wow, Meg, this is such a luxurious hotel! I’ve never been in Philadelphia, but I’ll surely check into this one if I go. I didn’t know that Philadelphia was listed as UNESCO world heritage city, but there must be something worth seeing there if they got the title.

  19. This hotel looks incredible! So luxurious and refined at the same time. I’m afraid I only really drove through Philly on my USA tour – stopping for a cheese-steak and to see the rocky statue – looks like I missed out! And I had no idea it is a UNESCO world heritage city!

  20. I haven’t spent much time in Philadelphia, but this hotel is exactly the type of places we seek out on our travels. I would rather spend more money to stay in places like this with charm and character, than spend less on a generic, chain hotel. Great looking property and ideal location.

  21. Very interesting. Had no idea that Philadelphia was named a UNESCO World Heritage City. The hotel looks quaint and charming and the perfect place to navigate the city. Looking forward to visiting Philly soon.

  22. What a lovely hotel! I love the uniqueness of boutique hotels and it’s wonderful to read that Philadelphia is now a UNESCO World Heritage City.

  23. I know so little of Philadelphia – I have been to New York twice and speed past on the train to DC but I think next time I will try to stop and spend a weekend checking it out. I really love heritage hotels and this one looks special.

  24. I love these boutique hotels that have a feel for individuality, they have their own little personal touches added to make your stay memorable. Philly looks like a great town I have read many post lately about. That big leather bed looks so comfortable

  25. Rob

    What a beautiful hotel, I love the fact that the rooms don’t look like typical hotel rooms, they are beautiful. The city hall is very European it reminds me of the Belfast city hall. We have never been to Philly but it certainly is steeped in history and would be a very interesting city to visit.

  26. I did t know that Philly was under UNESCO ! That’s pretty cool. I’ve been to Phillyba few times, but never stayed at the Dwight D. Looks like I will have to change that!

  27. I’ve stayed at boutique hotels and even though they are generally out of my price range, I always love it when I get the opportunity to stay at them. This place looks lovely!

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