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This is a product that I’m so excited to review!  I mean, how cool is this?  I’ve been looking for something like it for ages with little luck, at least at this price point and heard from several of you that have as well. Mike and Brenda at www.pushpintravelmaps.com have created the perfect travel map.

They offer several different varieties of handmade U.S. and world maps on their website.  The one I will be reviewing is the Earth Tone World Map with a brown frame, but there are many colors and frame options to choose from.

I received my map in no time and it was extremely well packed and arrived in perfect condition.

Push Pin Travel Map from http://www.pushpintravelmaps.com/

The maps are mounted on foam board then framed without glass (the pins don’t work too well through glass), so in spite of it’s large size (27.5” by 39.5” framed) it’s actually surprisingly light, which makes for much easier shipping and wall mounting.

Speaking of wall mounting, the push pin travel map comes with everything you need out of the box.  The back arrives wired for hanging and they even include a nail and the little hook picture hangey thing (that’s the technical name for it right?).  It took about 3 seconds to pop it on the wall, and about a week to finally clean off my bookcase enough to be photograph worthy for the general internet (yes, sadly that is the cleaner version).  I think it looks amazing (the map, not my bookcase).  It will be quite the conversation piece as soon as I get the rest of the house clean enough to have people over.  So at a rate of one bookcase per week, that means I’ll be having a BBQ sometime early next year.

Push Pin Travel Map from http://www.pushpintravelmaps.com/earth-tone-world-travel-map-with-pins/

Then comes the fun part, using the push pins!

Push Pin Travel Map from http://www.pushpintravelmaps.com/earth-tone-world-travel-map-with-pins/

Everything is so nicely packaged!  Each map comes with 100 pins in red, white, and black, but there are extras and more colors available on the site.

Push Pin Travel Map from http://www.pushpintravelmaps.com/earth-tone-world-travel-map-with-pins/

Push Pin Travel Map from http://www.pushpintravelmaps.com/earth-tone-world-travel-map-with-pins/

It’s a tactile reminder that I need to go more places.  I’ve officially making it my goal to have to re-order new pins.

Aside from it’s obvious use of measuring my shortcomings and prompting me to book more flights, it’s also a great gift.

I’m at an age where everyone I know is getting married and this is what they are all getting.  It even comes with a plaque you can have engraved with 3 lines of text.  It’s literally the perfect wedding gift, even if it’s from a guest that resents spending her time and money there instead of working to fill in her own map.  They don’t need to know that.

I love my push pin travel map, and hopefully it’s place of prominence in my home will inspire me to travel more and keep the place clean enough for entertaining.

Push Pin Travel Map from http://www.pushpintravelmaps.com/earth-tone-world-travel-map-with-pins/

For the sake of full disclosure, I’ll tell you that I did receive compensation or free products in exchange for an honest review.  Of course as always, all opinions are entirely my own.

25 thoughts on “Push Pin Travel Map Review

  1. That’s awesome, I am definitely going to look into ordering one too!
    Katrina the Two Week Traveler recently posted…How I Lost All of My Money in Barcelona, SpainMy Profile

    • Mags

      They really are amazing. I love mine!

  2. I love it! I was just talking about how I want to travel more with my family. I would love this physical reminder!
    Earl-Leigh recently posted…Friyay, Birthday and JuiceMy Profile

    • Mags

      It does make me a little sad to see the empty bits, but it’s great motivation!

  3. O my goodness I love this! I have an obsession with world maps. Now I just need to travel more to fill it with push pins. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Mags

      I’m probably just as excited about adding push pins to the map as I am about the trip itself. lol.

  4. That is so cool and very pretty! My walls are still bare and I need some new artwork. 🙂 (But why did they bother with Antarctica? lol)
    Sharon recently posted…Chew on This: Kicked up Classics at BCAEMy Profile

    • Mags

      I know right? I hate being cold, but now I feel like I have to go!

  5. I love this – do they ship to Europe?
    John recently posted…6 (more) overlooked and underrated cities in EuropeMy Profile

    • Mags

      Unfortunately, they do not ship outside of the US at this time, but hopefully as the demand becomes larger they will be shipped everywhere!

  6. Oh my goodness I LOVE this! I’ve always loved this concept, and was thrilled when my boyfriend recently “came up with the idea” of a pushpin map. I adore this version – it’s a little too expensive for my budget, but I agree, it’s a gorgeous gift! Love the included pins as well.

    • Mags

      It’s one to save up for for sure! Maybe have your boyfriend make on in the meantime!

  7. I love this concept Mags! I am a big fan of tracking where we have been and I can’t think of any better way of doing this than by a gorgeous push-pin map.
    Chris Boothman recently posted…Top 5 Reasons to Visit Des Moines, IowaMy Profile

    • Mags

      Thanks Chris, It really is cool! It looks great on the wall. Definitely my new go to gift!

  8. I love this! Bought the same product about 8 years ago through a photography company called Exposures. It is one of my treasured possessions. Has the cute little colored pins to mark where you’ve been, where you are going next, bucket list destinations, and favorite places. 😉
    Melody Pittman recently posted…An Overdose of Wildlife & Nature in JuneauMy Profile

    • Mags

      That’s so cool! I love mine.

  9. I have a similar one…except I kinda made it myself. Bought a MASSIVE world map and some coloured thumb tacks. Probably should be mounted on a cork boards but too late! haha. Love using it though, you think you’ve been to a bunch of places but there is so much more to see.
    Hannah recently posted…Chasing Ghosts in Historic Gamla StanMy Profile

    • Mags

      I’ve definitely done that before too! I left some unfortunate holes in apartment walls!

  10. looks like a great idea I think im going to look on esty to find a us one to put in my bedroom to keep me inspired even when im not traveling

    • Mags

      It’s excellent motivation!

  11. Wow! It is like it is telling you to travel right now. Maybe it would force me to travel more, and get rid of my travel anxiety. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mags

      I do sometimes feel like it’s mocking me lol! I love it though.

  12. I think I came across this on sky mall, before it went bankrupt so publicly.

  13. I really want a push pin map of the world. I have one for the US national parks but that is only the USA. I will put this on my Christmas list.
    Jennifer @ Made all the Difference Travel Blog recently posted…Paddling the Nine Mile Pond Canoe TrailMy Profile

  14. Well originally it was for different. But some easy map printers will add locations to the map, like if you went to a small town instead of a big city and would like to commemorate the visit. Also they can add little name plates.

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