ZUS by Nonda, Never Lose Your Car Again

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I was recently asked to review the ZUS by Nonda, and I must admit I was skeptical.  Let me assure you this is much more than “just a phone charger.”  Though, as a phone charger it’s nothing to scoff at.  There are 2 USB ports, so you can charge 2 devices at a time.  If the Nonda website is to be believe, it can charge these in half the time of a normal charger.  I have to admit that I did not time the charge, but I used the device on road trips around California and Savannah recently and it kept my phone nicely charged the whole time and did seem to be quicker than my old car charger.
ZUS Smart Car Charger

The ZUS is made from military grade materials that are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius, which if you remember high school chemistry, is 210 degrees Farenheit.  I obviously didn’t test this one out either, though I suppose I could throw it in the toaster over, but I have a feeling this will come in handy come summer in Florida.

ZUS by Nonda, Never Lose Your Car Again

I really did love this product, and in fact only found one flaw.  The packaging is serious.  Like annoying plastic “how the heck do I get in to this thing” serious.  Full disclosure, part of the problem may have been that I had limited time to to open this bad boy so I could squeeze it into a free personal item at the airport that looked like this.

Pushing the limits of the "free personal item" on low cost airlines

The end result was a plastic tab that was stuck in one of the USB ports and required some elbow grease and surgical precision with some tweezers.

ZUS by Nonda, Never Lose Your Car Again

Now for the good stuff.  The best thing about the ZUS and what really makes it stand out from the rest is the app that links with the Smart Car Locator.  Once you’ve downloaded the free app, the charger device will link with your smart phone to remember where you parked automatically!  What a great time to be alive!

ZUS by Nonda, Never Lose Your Car Again

After a quick calibration, the ZUS app magically knows when you park your car and even asks if you need a timed reminder for metered parking.

ZUS by Nonda, Never Lose Your Car Again

ZUS by Nonda, Never Lose Your Car Again

This is a serious game changer.  I’m notorious for losing my car (and everything else).  If I park during the day and come out at night, forget about it.  The whole world has changed and I don’t know where anything is anymore.  So, I know this product will get a lot of use and likely save the day a few times. I can’t wait to tackle the EPCOT parking lot.

Now a little something for you, my lovely readers.  If you order a ZUS by the end of the month at nonda.co, you can use the promo code, “SMM-MMZUSSUMMER16” to get 10% off.  Don’t say I never gave you anything.

I received the ZUS in exchange for a review, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.



11 thoughts on “ZUS by Nonda, Never Lose Your Car Again

  1. Tim

    This is a seriously handy tool … and yes, I hate blister plastic packaging as well!

  2. Very cool. I think that multi-purpose electronics are the way of the future. We have enough to carry! I too hate over packaging after cutting myself on too many plastic wraps. I hope the charger worked as quickly as promised and just love the car finder/ meter reminder features.

  3. Ha ha! I love your comment about using it at Epcot, though it’s Magic Kingdom that always eludes me!!

  4. This is a very handy tool if you tend to lose your car especially in a big multi storey carparks.

  5. After wandering around a Munich parking lot for over an hour because neither of us could remember where we parked the darn car, I could see how that aspect of this App could be very alluring! Granted, we just learned to type it into a quick note into our phones where we parked before getting out of the car, but I could see how the automatic app could be easier!

  6. Nice! Looks like a great item–can’t go wrong with a quick charge! I love that it connects to your phone with a car locater and meter reminder–both would really come in handy a ton!!

  7. I love that there’s a timed reminder for metered parking – that’s pretty epic!! Amazing how serious and clever technology has become at the moment. Sounds great for a long road trip 🙂

  8. I am trying one, too, and boy is it FAST! Lots of cool things. 😉

  9. I recently got to try this too, and I LOVED it. The car location function saved me as well, I always forget where I park and then worry about getting a ticket while I search. It charged my phone so quickly too that I was amazed, cars aren’t complete without a Zus!

  10. Let me admit, I had not heard of it and if I lose my car, then only God can bring it to me. 🙂

    Looks like a very handy tool if you are in the habit of losing your car especially in a large car parks.

    I loved your style of writing about Epcot. 🙂

  11. I keep wondering how one can lose his/her car but it’s good to know that the smart car locator fit your lifestyle!

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